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Guys who keep their straight caths in all night...

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    Hey all. I've been leaving one in at night for years and years. What I do is roll on a Clear Advantage condom cath and then insert the straight cath through the condom cath. The beveled part of the straight cath gets stuck into the end of the condom cath. No tape at all needed. I sleep on my back so I don't move much.

    I cath about 5-6 times a day. I used to wear a condom cath and leg bag but I wasn't voiding out 100% and the pressure was damaging my kidneys. Straight cathing for all these years saved me and I don't miss the chain and ball leg bag.

    Good luck!


      Originally posted by bob clark View Post

      I don't know what added risk there is for getting a UTI when using a Foley or a straight catheter held in place overnight but I imagine it is increased.

      I agree Bob, but I think overfilling the bladder has risks as well. Last night I drank nothing at all after 6PM, cathed 350ml at midnight, slept 5.5 hours and cathed 1100ml. That can't be good.

      It is also weird to spend half my day wishing I could drink some more water. That seems to go against what's good for the kidneys


        Whether the catheter is a foley or a straight cath put in for the night, they both put you at risk for increased uti's. The positive about this method is that the catheter is NOT in all the time, so to me, that generally decreases some of the long term risks, but I have never seen any evidence that says this is so.

        It is a method that many people use - it allows you to sleep all night and there is a lot to be said for that. The people that come to mind that use it hae stayed rather healthy and do not seem to have any greater risk for uti's.

        Hope that this helps.

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