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Foley Catheter ?

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    Foley Catheter ?

    I've had a Foley Catheter about two months now so its still new to me and had a few questions. I'm c5-c6 injured 16 years (31) and before the cath i just voided through texas cath but quit emptying properly hence the foley insertion. I've noticed that when I turn on my side to do my bowel program a lot of white mucas stuff comes out and when i got up this morning and other mornings this stuff comes out and when i see it, it freaks me out when it fills/lines my leg/bed bag tubing. My urine in the bed bag before i got up was clear as a bell. Is this normal? I feel fine no other weird symptons. The other question is i notice i get erections often, is the foley doing this or do i have other issues? Thanks in advance.
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    There is more mucous production with an indwelling catheter. If you are feeling well, there is no need to do anything further.

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