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Recipies for avoiding/treating sores/skin issues

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    staph infections

    Originally posted by NoDecafPlz View Post
    Wanted to bump this to simply say I am spraying Vetericyn into the thick, hand cream I rub my butt with as I am susceptible to skin staph infections. So far, so good.
    NoDecafplz: I hope I am not prying i was reading you are suceptable to skin staph. do you have any good treatment for skin staph infection? My wife contracted "hot tub rash " from hotel hot tub when we were in NM. Wouldn't heal then got worse trip to Dr where she tested positive for staph (mrsa) big dose of anti -boitics & steriods its still hanging on although much more undercontrol using hebiclense & sterile cream currently taking extra vitamins etc. To boost immune thank you in advance... I am using monkey butt powder & bag balm.


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      Healing Pressure Sores at Home on a Budget

      Just wanted to give something back.

      I've found the following things are effective at healing pressure sores. They're relatively or very cheap, drug free and can be used at home.

      1) Bentonite Clay - Make a paste with water and bentonite clay. Apply to wound/sore. Leave on for a at least an hour or few. I use mineral water from a new bottle. But this is not sterile. So you might prefer to use sterile or boiled then cooled tap water.

      (I've not perfected this technique yet. I haven't found the best thing to cover the clay paste/pack with. Currently using make up removal pads. Sometimes the clay dries out and the pad sticks. Apply clean water to remove. Sterile is best of course. If no sterile, use boiled then cooled water?

      Cost- £5 for a 250g bag of clay. Will last you for months if not a whole year.

      2) Neem Oil - Apply a large dab to the sore. It does smell v.strongly of boiled onions. But seeing as most pressure sores are hidden under clothes, I've not found it a problem. Best to wear old underwear/clothing when using Neem oil because it -will stain- tho' may come out in hot wash.

      Cost- £8 for 250ml? But will last you months. A little goes a long way.

      3) Magnets -Stick onto skin with medical tape. Or attach to clothing using two magnets - one either side of your vest/underwear.
      Buy strong ones from magnet or medical suppliers. Cheapest usually from magnet manufacturers. I feel that the South Pole towards the body is best. It feels like its better for improving blood flow.
      Helps pain too.

      Cost - £10 for about 10 strong magnets. Will last you a year (by then you've lost them all or they've gone rusty in the wash).

      Also think about what caused the pressure sores in the first place and try and fix that.

      Hope this helps someone


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        Wow, so I am three months late in reading this? Apologies.

        For staph, (non MRSA) I have been using multiple tactics that combined are healing even the small scars.

        1) Hibiclens - You want the pink scrub. This won't lather well, so I add ivory soap with this for all over my body when I shower and had tremendous success.

        2) Vetericyn Hydrogel - this goes all over after shower, especially on trouble spots. Before bed, I may add additional on trouble spots as well.

        3) Vitamin B3 (not Niacin but Niacinamide) I found an article here on CC that tests were showing results in the fight of Staph and MRSA with this form of vitamin B3 so I take two capsules (1 gram) a day. In fact, I even went so far as to mix this with vetericyn hydrogel and make a topical paste which I believe worked even better. This of course is me just playing mad scientist so I have nothing case study wise to verify as a topical, but I'd swear it helped.

        Originally posted by fromnwmont View Post

        NoDecafplz: I hope I am not prying i was reading you are suceptable to skin staph. do you have any good treatment for skin staph infection? My wife contracted "hot tub rash " from hotel hot tub when we were in NM. Wouldn't heal then got worse trip to Dr where she tested positive for staph (mrsa) big dose of anti -boitics & steriods its still hanging on although much more undercontrol using hebiclense & sterile cream currently taking extra vitamins etc. To boost immune thank you in advance... I am using monkey butt powder & bag balm.
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          This is one of the most frequent problem which is been faced by many people as they come in to contact to this disease very easily and they stuck up with this!You have been good guide for them and i say it is one of the numerous help!


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            Ok, I have had many many sore on coccyx and sacrum- the fastest way to get them is to spend three or more days in hospital. I have a high profile roho in chair, have never been pressure mapped. Some people are saying beds cause these, some say cure them by staying in bed. Anyone have a good idea which it is? Dressings are a problem, they tend to cause allergic reactions to the point of blisters...right now one called mepilex is not causing tissue reactions. I have a stage 3 sore on sacrum...have had so many, sacrum had seep crevasse of scar tissue in it, sore nestled in the middle. Think I should be rolling side to side in air bed. Or spending more time in chair?


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              This thread has had lots of interesting posts on avoiding/treating skin issues.

              My approach to avoiding pressure wounds/breakdowns is to have a routine where I do consistent weight shifts/pressure relief while sitting, which means tilting my chair way back for 2 minutes for every 15 mins (according to guidelines) that I'm sitting flat with weight/pressure on my butt. Using a skin barrier otc product helps to keep skin healthy. Having a 'top of the line' cushion is my case I use a Roho cushion.
              I haven't had a wound in almost 3 years, knock on wood, but over the years I've had lots of skin/wound problems...6 wound surgeries (2 flaps, 2 closers, 2 foot wounds) to repair/close wounds on my right ischium. The first in 1998 because I was using a Quickie P200 power chair which could be broken & put in a chair but didn't allow me to tilt & get good pressure relief.
              Lesson learned...always fight to get insurance to pay for & then use the chair you need. Then several years later I developed two bad wounds on my right foot separated by a few months where the bone became infected requiring surgery to remove two joints in addition to intravenous antibiotics delivered via 'pic' line.
              Another lesson learned...make sure your feet sit flat so pressure doesn't hit one spot. Oh & good pressure relief in bed is key too...I use a Roho cushion overlay for my mattress.

              "Caring" for a wound is requires once or twice a day dressing changes to prevent infection & promote healing. You also should be followed by a 'wound care doctor' which means once a week trips to your local wound care clinic. Maybe you'll get lucky & you'll have an attractive nurse whom you can chat with as she (or he for you ladies) looks at, measures, photographs, talks about & applies expensive solutions/dressings that are pretty ineffective to the wound on your butt.

              Once they get bad wounds can take months & months to heal. Surgery to close a wound may be the only solution.

              Wounds can be & are deadly because of the infection that can develop. Unfortunately, 2 people I went to rehabilitation with at Kessler in NJ, Christopher Reeve & Stephen Mahoney, died of pressure wounds & the septic shock from infection...I'd rather not be next. Things are challenging enough living life with a spinal cord doing everything to avoid a pressure wound has to be the 1st, 2nd & 3rd priority.

              I've found it's not possible to enjoy a warm summer day outside, a movie w/ a friend, or good food & dinner at a restaurant & on & on & on...if I'm spending 4 to 6 weeks looking at the 4 walls of a hospital room after getting plastic surgery to fix a wound.
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                Premier Protein Drink- 30 grams per serving. Chocolate is very tasty I'v only seen it at Costco


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                  I am a C5/6 quad now for almost 40 years. I had several pressures early after injury but then did not have any issues until the last year. I developed a stage 1 pressure area on iscial area and tried almost everything for 6 months with it flaring, slight improvements only to having setbacks.

                  Finally I ran across cell salts, specifically Kali Phos 6X and started to make real progress within days. All the redness disappeared within 4 weeks and I am continuing to take as a preventative. It is supposed to benefit open sores also and can be taken internally and externally. Can't praise this stuff enough. I took 2 tablets 3 times a day. they run around $10 for 500 tablets so cheap also. Ferrum Phos 6X is another that may benefit.

                  I am very big into natural treatments after using allopathic drugs most of my sci life. I found allopathic drugs rarely addressed root cause of my sci issues(bowels, bladder, skin) and had terrible side effects over time. I am much healthier than 10 years ago and it can only be attributed to change of diet and alternative medicine. I have not taken a prescription med of any sort in 8 years.

                  Hopefully this will benefit someone.


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                    Chris just got one on his calf, full thickness with dead tissue in it. Must have been developing beneath the surface for weeks. Just opened up. Anyway we have been given Santyl to use to eat away the dead tissue. I'm hearing from others to also use Vetericyn Hydrogel. I think once the Santyl has done its job....
                    We've done well with neosporin and A&D on other wounds, but they didn't have dead tissue.
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                    • I have been paralyzed c-4 for 40 years. I have had a few minor issues with my skin. My butt get dry and cracked. I use Vaseline but the Bag Balm sounds like it would be better. I have had a small sheer tear or pressure sore that occurs every so often on my left ischum. I use sanytl ( A collagen treatment ) And I drink Prostat with fiber which helps a lot. Protein is a MUST for anyone with a SCI! I have been thinking about getting a TENS unit for years ( Haven't done it don't ask why ) After reading the above I am going to get a TENS unit for my pressure sore.

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                      • you have a pressure sore-- get off of it. turn in bed at times lying on your back. this shouldn't hurt your break down. From what i have read here you might try a TENS unit. It promotes blood supply. Once the sore is healed use Bag balm on the area that gets breakdowns. While you have a sore I found sanytl ointment works very well. Drink plenty of protein along with your diet.

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                        • SKIN RUSH & Redness
                          I have from time to time -during very hot days especially - skin rush & redness that is forming around my tailbone and goes sometimes deeper on my butt cheeks. The cream that REALLY helps me - here in Canada is Viaderm KC and there is equivalent for USA users will be Kenacomb

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                          • Originally posted by comad View Post
                            SKIN RUSH & Redness
                            Rash, not rush.

                            The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


                            • Hey guys, back with more info on the staph thing. I am still using hibiclens and sulfur soap in the shower. When the staph breakout happens, it's not all over, usually just smaller spots on shoulders and arms. (but still a nuisance) So, I did research on other possible remedies. There is research on the topical effectiveness of essential Valencia orange oil and non-medical articles on the topical application of essential lemongrass oil. I can tell you that upfront, I thought this was voodoo quackery, but I bought the lemongrass essential oil and damned if it didn't work straight away! I'm not even talking about multiple applications throughout the day either. (although I'm sure this would be more effective)

                              Anyway, here is the mini abstract on the Valencia oil I forgot where the lemongrass ones are. These specific oils are not that expensive, I found the lemongrass oil for 8.50 for 4oz and the orange is even cheaper. I think those prices were on 1800essentialoils (I think) but as always, Google is your friend. The sky is the limit for some of these prices so do your research.

                              Maybe KLD has some anecdotal success stories with patients in these?

                              Hope this helps someone.
                              And the truth shall set you free.


                              • Ok, sorry for reposting on the same topic, I thought I could simply add/edit the one above/below. I combined the sweet orange (Valencia) essential oil with the Lemongrass essential oil and not only is it drying out the staph bumps/ spots, it is drying out/shrinking the scars too. The results are blowing me away.

                                What I forgot to mention is that the oils are not soothing, they burn. Be very careful when applying them to your skin and don't go in the sun after application. My research stated to mix with a "carrier oil" like grape seed or coconut oil but I said the hell with that.

                                I hope this information gets out there because many hospital/nursing home/immune compromised patients would benefit from using the oils.

                                Some of these oils are WAYYY overpriced. I found 8 oz of Sweet Orange oil delivered for $11 The Lemongrass was a little more. Some vendors want $30 for 15ml of this stuff. Do your research but absolutely buy from well reviewed vendors as the oils are easily compromised
                                And the truth shall set you free.