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Recipies for avoiding/treating sores/skin issues

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    pressure sores

    we used santyl then optase to clear the sore up.

    Now, he puts A&D ointment on every night and most mornings to protect the skin. The Remedy was expensive and didn't do a whole lot. I get the generic A&D at Wal-Mart for $2 a tube and it works great.
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      As for us, we swear by Bag Balm. Always worked great.
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        A guy here in Austin tells me he had his butt bones shaved to get rid of the high points.


          dr.nordykes wound honey works great. i had a scab on my tail bone for two years tried everything been using this for two weeks and the scab is gone.
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            Originally posted by smapple View Post
            A guy here in Austin tells me he had his butt bones shaved to get rid of the high points.
            Are you serious?

            I had a similar thought in rehab. That they should give all us skinny crips silicone butt implants. That way it would be like sitting on an extra cusion, no matter what you are doing.

            Think medicaid will start covering butt implants?

            btw that last question was a joke, but I was and am very serious about the possible benefits of something like this.


              I've also suffered with skin breakdown for many years. Every time I would transfer, the bandage would fall off or leak. One of the Mayo Clinic wound care nurses recommended the tegaderm foam adhesive bandages. They form a tight seal and do not come off especially when transferring to the toilet or sometimes showering. They also do not drain on your clothing. They make them in different sizes.


                The most important thing to avoid getting a pressure sore is to get a proper seating evaluation so you get on the right cushion. Get someone to pressure mapped you on various cushions to figure out which one looks the best on the pressure mapper. Once you get that all set up, just keep doing weight shifts or pressure reliefs however you do them and you should be fine. I'm extremely bony from having surgeries to remove a lot of muscle and stuff and when I got pressure mapped the only cushion that worked for me was the Roho high-profile. Everything else tried to suspend my ischiums but since it there is no muscle left in my legs, it didn't work out really well and they would bottom out really hard. But that's just me and everybody is different. Talk to your doctor about getting that done. In my opinion, I don't think it's done enough in rehab or just out of rehab when you get a chair. They just kind of throw you out there in whatever you're on and hope for the best. Get yourself mapped.
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                  Originally posted by Lizbv View Post
                  Nystop powder is good if you sweat a lot or have possible moisture issues. Your doctor prescribes it.

                  If you have a rash, creamy Desitin works good to clear it up.

                  If you have a open sore, Johnson & Johnson makes a product called "Prisma", it is a wafer. The wafer turns in to gel, and in turn creates skin cells. You'll be amazed how quickly it heals.

                  Try to take all pressure off the wound and keep it clean.

                  Always Consult a doctor first, even if you think their clueless! Just to get a professional "opinion" is best. They might suprise you.
                  I'd like to try that "Prisma".But it looks pricey,Liz. Can you buy a large one and cut it to size? Is it self-adhesive or do you tape it in place? Tia for your response....Bill


                    manuka wound honey has done wonders for a sore on my sons tail bone. wound vac or none of the regular treatments would work but the honey has done the job.


                      Growing concern in medical community - bowel care and skin integrity

                      bowel care - the missing LINK in pressure ulcers. Skin integrity has always been a concern, many healthcare providers are realizing that the incontinence episodes and toxic mucosal discharge associated with the usage of some bowel care products is an area that needs to be addressed. Enemeez is under way on a study to validate the correlation between healthy skin integrity and bowel care. Common sense tells you that if they have to use proper garments when manufacturing bisacodyl suppositories, that the discharge on your skin is probably not the healthiest of best way to maintain the skin. Within the bowel there is inflammation for up to 30 hours after usage. If you are interested in studies on what it does to the bowel -please let me know. When the study is complete, I will post it here for you.

                      Have a good day.

                      Originally posted by NoDecafPlz View Post
                      OK, let's see if I can contribute another potential stickie thread of use to the community. Since skin issues are EVEN MORE a universal issue than UTI's, therefore, I propose we use this thread to contribute what we found to be successful for each of us. This doesn't replace a doctor's visit or wound care consult, just tips and pointers that worked for us. There are a range of issues here so I suggest you bold in the upper title box what particular stage, issue you are contributing for.

                      HEAT RASH

                      Most of us in the summer time have issues with heat rash. I have to worry about it year round so here is what I do. I use a paste mixture of Desitin
                      and Caldesene powder. Both of these contain zinc oxide and after applying to groin, I put some extra powder on top. No issues, no problems.

                      In the summer I use Zeasorb (anti-fungal) powder ONLY (no paste) which apparently gives cancer to mice in California. (I'm a man in New Jersey so I should be fine)
                      I do not use a paste because it just gets swampy.

                      There is another powder on the market that I have not tried. Anti-Monkeybutt (I shit you not) It is a Calamine lotion powder that race car drivers use. It is a little pricey so until it comes down a little, I'll skip it.


                      Besides pressure reliefs, diet is key. When I was at Magee, I met their Nutritionist who worked on the team to develop specific supplements
                      to treat and prevent pressure sores.

                      Pro-source plus (packet or liquid) provides 15 grams of gluten and lactose free protein per two tablespoons. It isn't cheap, 4 32oz bottles cost me $113 but only $4 shipping. As long as your diet allows, you could save more money by going with a weight trainers protein mix (Muscle Milk etc) that would taste better and put some weight on you if at high risk. (I have a gluten issue so I need to get my protein from Hemp, Milk,[lactose free] Meat or Eggs.)

                      Other products helped develop at Magee are Vitament, ArgiMent and Argiten
                      these are often combined and as far as I know, used at every stage of sore.

                      Here is the best priced website I have found that would give more info.


                      LETS MAKE THIS THREAD A KEEPER!


                        All of your posts are today.

                        All of your posts are enemeez good, biscodyl bad.

                        Under your profile it states "marketing."

                        You understand my concern?
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                          If you get a pressure map done, see if they can print the image or give you a file. I framed mine and gave it to a friend for his birthday. Seriously, I think everyone ought to get a map done if they are having problems or getting a new cushion.

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                            I was injured in 1998 and have only had one pressure sore so far. That was caused a by a stone on my kayak seat that I did not see when I got in and we paddled about eleven hours that day so it was a fairly nasty sore. It needed hospital treatment and what really worked for me that accelerated the recovery and made sure that it was good quality healing, with no dead/damaged tissue left in the wound, was maggot therapy. The maggots prevented the need for surgery. They put maggots that heve been bread in a sterile environment into the wound and put a dressing over the top; they stayed in about three days and then they were replaced for another three days amd after that it was simply a case of lying around and waiting. The maggots consume all the dead tissue but leave the healthy tissue alone and one of their secretions actually promotes granulation/new tissue growth. So I was in hospital for a while and I lay on my front with maggots in one of my arse cheeks which sounds stupid but it did miracles for my pressure sore, which has never broken or caused me any problems since despite doing lots of kayaking and other stuff that is not generally good for pressure relief.

                            As a side benefit, maggots are very good at cleaning wounds infected with MRSA.

                            Maggot therapy is available on the NHS here and is becoming more widespread as its efficacy is becoming more accepted. I have no idea how readily available it is in the US.


                              Might be worth checking out a new set of products called parafricta - low friction and shear helps protect skin breakdown, in tandem with pressure reduction. Available in the UK and possibly the USA at some point.


                                I would like to share a topical cream Bactroban. Right now I developed a sore on the cheek of my buttocks and I have been applying it religiously. I hope it dries out fast and soon.
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