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Do All SCIs get Bone Loss and Muscle Loss

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  • Do All SCIs get Bone Loss and Muscle Loss

    A question:

    Since, I have an incomplete SCI will I get Bone Loss or Muscle Loss automatically. I have spasticity although mild compared to most that I read about on the forums. Meaning my legs do not kick out I just feel tight quite a bit but walk unaided. I can actually jog a bit as well. I do work out but will I get bone loss and muscle loss due just having an SCI. I never thought to ask my doctor these questions but I was reading throught Dr. Wise blog and I was thinking that maybe it could happened due to just having trauma to the CNS alone.


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    Good quiz... bone loss would be due to impact/compression loss.
    If your jogging, you should not be experiencing bone loss to you legs, hips, back etc

    Muscle loss, if you are not using it, you are loosing it. Your SCI is unique to yourself.
    You may simply experience a loss of sensation or feeling. If your using the muscle group in the area you should experience no loss. However, if your SCI is stopping you from flexing, using a hand, finger, toe or something, then yes you will probably experience some muscle loss.
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      You won't get bone and muscle loss just from having a sci. However, if you don't use the muscles, then you will lose them. The same goes for your bones- you don't put weight on them, then you will experience bone loss. The good news for you is that you can walk and jog so that should help with preventing bone loss.
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