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    Advice: What to do?

    So apparently my doctor and the operating procedures of his office is a total screwup from Hades. I have already set up an appointment with another doctor in town but with being a new patient it will be the end of January before I can see the doctor. I am waiting till the last moment before I request the transfer of my records as to not make any more issues.

    Today makes the third time I have requested to see an infectious doctor. What can I do since they all require a referral but I can't seem to get a referral from a doctor? I have called they just will not do it without a referral. Background on the latest issue. I was called last Friday and told that the Pseudomonas was showing back and they were waiting on the sensitivity. Again I ask at that time about the infectious doctor and of course the nurse doesn't know and has to leave a message for the doctor. I was called Monday morning and told there was issues getting the report from the lab. So now on Tuesday I'm finally told what they are going to do. Check with the pharmacy several times during the day and nothing is ever faxed to the pharmacy and of course you cannot talk to anyone at my doctor's office you always have to leave a message and none of mine or home health's calls were returned. Now today nothing is getting better and I am constantly calling my home health agency and the doctor's office. The pharmacy finally gets the orders but now the pharmacist will not fill the order because it is a pediatric dose on the antibiotics and they say they are not going to waste my insurance knowing that is not going to work plus they do not have the medication on hand anyway so it will be tomorrow before they can even get it. So they are now waiting on the doctor for return phone calls and the cycle begins again.

    I am so seriously frustrated at this point. I don't even know if what I have wrote even make sense. I am having to eat my bladder medications and pain medications to keep the sweats away but I am running no fever. But I can tell my bladder is spasming like crazy. It's almost to the point I am thinking the doctor wants me to leave the practice without actually just telling me to go somewhere else. I don't feel like this is malpractice but I do feel like he has no urgency on something that could be serious. What am I to do?

    Hi Heath,

    I don't know what to tell you.

    It was experiences like you describe that "forced" me to take my bladder care into my own hands. Those front office scrimmage lines are enough to make you scream. Push 1 for.... and even when you get a real live person on the phone they don't help. I wish Medicare and private insurance would pay for phone consultations. That would be the only way to get a doctor on the phone. Money. A phone consultation is usually all you need but they'd rather you drag your sick and paralyzed body down to their office... sometime next damn week.

    When I used to get UTIs all the time I kept a stash of antibiotics here. Usually Cipro. Luckily it always worked. It seems like you have a very "stubborn" type of bacteria that I hope you can get taken care of ASAP. At least you don't have a fever but those bladder spasms can be a real bitch. If the medication you're on is working in the right direction maybe they'll settle down on their own.

    Sorry you're feeling so bad. If those doctors only knew!

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


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        Thanks Bob

        Apparently I have a resistant strain of Pseudomonas so the antibiotics I have on hand would just be a waste to try to use. I also have an open wound on the bottom of my foot which from the research I have done on the Internet if the two ever get combined it can get really serious really quick. Either my doctor does not know that or he just doesn't have a sense of urgency about it.

        I was supposed to go to the wound clinic yesterday but after nursing two children with a stomach virus through part of the weekend apparently acquired that myself and had a hard time with that Sunday Monday and part of Tuesday. I was over the major sickness part but had a low-grade temperature so they would not let me come to the appointment. Now that appointment as next week.

        I cannot blame the nurses they appear to try to be helpful when they finally called back. Just so much they can do without doctors orders. This is not the first major issue with this doctor and probably will not be the last. The communication is terrible at that practice and it gets majorly frustrating when I am hurting. I can only pray not everyone that's in that office has to go through this but I would not bet against it.


          Yikes, Heath! No advice, but please take care...{{{Heath}}}.


          PS--what about going to the ER? Would that help?


            I don't know if this would be of any help to you, Heath. But when I was in the hospital for C-Diff, I was also being treated for a pseudomonas uti.

            They injected an antibiotic daily directly into my bladder and let it stay for thirty minutes

            It seemed to have worked. I've not had any more issues with it. I was told by a kidney specialist that it was a bacteria that was difficult to get rid of.


              They have put me on Primaxin 750 mg IM shots twice a day for 14 days. Even though it is part of their job that totally screws up the home health agency and everyone's holidays. I really do hate that for them.

              Now on the other hand my doctor absolutely refuses to refer me to an infectious doctor. He basically says he knows what he is doing and an infectious doctor is not what I need right now all I need is a urologist so I can use my own or he can refer me to one but that is as far as he is going. WTF? I don't think the man cares. So I call both of the urologist that I have used and am comfortable with but because of the holidays and their being out of town it is the middle of January before I can get an appointment with one of them. Another freaking month to wait. I'm sick of it. I give up and I'm tired of fighting him. I have given up on even want to do, just sit back and wait and hope nothing bad happens is all I can do at this point.

              I am going to keep this doctor around for medication refills until I see the new Dr. on January 27 but I will probably not ever be back in his office unless an emergency. I am sick of dealing with it. It shouldn't take two months, three major infections, dozens of phone calls from myself and home health to get a stupid referral. It's just not worth it anymore.


                Where is the hold up?
                1. Is it that the front desk won't give the information to your doctor?
                2. Is it that the doctor won't refer you to the ID doc?

                Could you contact the ID doctor, now, and beg that he call the primary doctor , shaming him into filling out the fracken' referral?

                Sorry you have to fight for good care, but it is the stark reality. Trust no one expect nothing from anyone......