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Diarrhea then constipation

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    Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Have you had your stool tested for c. diff?

    Again, one loose stool daily does not mean diarrhea. It is just a loose stool. You must have 3 or more daily for it to be considered diarrhea.

    Oh. Well then it's not diarrhea. But it's that consistency and happens randomly. My regular bp has been shot to hell. I'll have an accident where I practically crap out my intestines (not painful, just a lot) and then nothing comes out when I do my bp a couple times in a row. Recently I switched to enemas b/c there're no suppositories to be found anywhere but these accidents started before the switch.

    Should I still get tested?

    LaMem, it doesn't seem to be connected to my cycle. Thanks.


      Mem: Advil likely helps because the active ingredients in Advil suppress the hormones (prostoglandin is the culprit, I believe) that causes the pre and early menstral symptoms. Including water retention, cramps, bowel/bladder problems, head aches, back aches and irritability. Because of this, it MAY (didn't say WILL - don't slam me) help with AD around "that time" if the AD is being caused by physical discomfort you can't feel. I've had 2 OB's suggest starting a regular course of Advil (or generic, whatever) about 4 days before you're scheduled to "start". It does help, when I remember to do it (though not as big an issue as I, um, well, age....). And continue regularly thru day 1.
      (I am AB, but still a girl )