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Where was your first pressure sore located?

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  • Where was your first pressure sore located?

    Where was your first pressure sore located? Please post if your first sore location is not on the list.

    If you've never had one, great! Let us know what you've done to avoid them.
    Shoulder/Upper Back
    Other (please post)
    Haven't had one yet

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    Answering for my father....

    1st sore in ICU (day 4) - left heel.

    Caused by the doctors putting a "CAM" boot on his broken leg that covered his
    foot and had no pressure relief at the heels. They took it off.

    2nd sore in ICU (day 30ish) - sacrum

    Caused by not enough turns by hospital staff. So we started turning him every
    two hours.

    So the only sores he has had so far are iatrogenic - the ones caused by the hospital staff! He has not developed any since leaving the hospital - now 9 months post injury.

    To prevent sores, he ....

    1) Wears PRAFO boots at night to protect heels from pressure.
    2) Does not sleep on his back, and turns usually 2-3 times per night.
    3) Wears a Timex Ironman watch that beeps every 20 minutes to remind him to do
    a pressure release.
    4) Has to get out of his wheelchair many times a day (ex. lay on his side in bed, or
    on his tummy, or get on mat/stand at rehab) or his butt is a mess/painful.

    It is a lot of work, and can be disruptive to sleep/life. We worry a lot that he will develop a pressure sore on his ITs (ischials - butt bones!). We're never sure how much pressure relief is enough.


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      can't spell it right...coccyx....better known in my household as 'the crack of my ass'. took a long time to heal, 1yr. it finally healed when i wore depends for about 2wks b/c of the flu.
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        Same as Marielea ... the coccyx area. The back of my chair was uneven and I was doing a lot wheeling then (2kms on gravel, 2kms on pavement) almost every day. The rubbing may have contributed. Also, I was sitting on a tri-foam cushion and two years later when I went back to rehab, even though they were the ones who prescribed it, they were like, "Whaaat?! Here's a Jay Active gel." I had also been horsebackriding a lot then and sleeping on a regular bed. The doctors figured the combination of all that contributed.

        I was 15yrs old. More than two years out. Flap surgery and three months of hospitalization, missing two months of a semester in high school. New cushion, new chair (because I had grown some) and an egg crate mattress pad (which is now a no-no).
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          When first in the chair my the backs of my feet just couldn't stand the weight of the footpedal. I had a nasty sore and had to ride around with my foot suspended in a donut cusion. Just the look a 17 year old is striving for.......


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            i dont know if its a pressure sore or not but an inch above my anus there seems to be a very small hole like half the size of an pencil eraser it not red or anything does anyone know what it maybe
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              Me 3, regarding the coccyx area. I got it while I was at the trauma center right afer my accident. I don't remember them ever having me in any position besides laying on my back. It took about 3.5 months to heal. Only pressure sore I've ever had, and I hope I never get another one.
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                Mine bottom/back of heel. Either from shearing while putting pants on w/o shoes on, or from foot in wet shoe for a few hrs while fishing for lingcod.


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                  Sacrum. Also from th hospital. They think it was shearing on th operatin table, day 3 or so. Took 9 months to heal. In part b/c it was so minor that very little was done at first, "b/c that will heal right up". And it stayed that way, a minor stage 2, for MONTHS.

                  Finally healed up when my plastic surgeon put me on bed rest for 4 weeks. Up until then, they were not pushing that issue, again, b/c it was such a minor sore.

                  Wish they had taken it seriously at first, when I was stuck in bed anyway!

                  The spot is still fragile, and the skin tends to get flaky there. (Almost psoriasis like?)
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                    Stage 2 on my left butt bone. Found 2 1/2 months after I got home. We were told about pressure relief but never what a sore looked like. I happened to end up in the hospital about a week after it appeared. They had a great wound nurse-of course she is gone now. It took about 3-4weeks to heal. Haven't had one since-knock on wood!!


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                      My first was on my ankle. Initially from a poorly fitted protective boot while I was in the hospital. What started as a red mark that didn't seem that serious (to me) has turned into a 2 year plus nightmare. Tried to heal it for a year before deciding to go ahead with a risky flap surgery. Complications the surgery nearly killed me.

                      Spent the next year trying to recover and deal with the sore still being open to the bone. One surgeon constantly pressured for amputation of my leg below the knee. Another thankfully worked with me to try to improve the odds for a second successful surgery. I had some good results from a long course of nerve wracking hyperbaric treatments. The surgery was redone nearly 1 year after the first one. It went well and my recover was initially better than hoped for, for several months. But now the healing has stalled and the osteo is back. So what will happen now, I don't know. I am tired of dealing with it at this point.

                      While in the hospital after the first surgery I also ended up with a sore on my coccyx, which was also later repaired with a flap and I have had no complications from thankfully just need to be careful with it. Another on my ear (shearing) that hasn't healed much, if any, in 1 year. And a number of stage 1 and 2 sores on my hip that were slow to heal but did eventually heal well on their own. Nobody was to blame but all the sores I have had have come while I was hospitalized. So I am keen to avoid hospitals now.


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                        having a low profile cushion 3 years ago and flying many times from europe to usa ...i got 3 ugly sores on my buttocks [sacrum as well].one got infected and i almost died ...septicemy .thanks god i am still alive.i bought a high profile roho ...much better now.


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                          One thing I've learned from this thread so far is that the coccyx is a possible location for a sore. I got a good lecture on sores in rehab [scary pictures and all] and practice checking for them in various locations, but I don't remember anyone mentioning the coccyx as a possible location. Thanks folks for posting that.


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                            Both ischels in 1st year.


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                              My first pressure sore was on my tail bone (coccyx). I went home from rehab still in a chest brace (brace from hell). The hospital gave me a cheap raised toilet seat to use until my equipment arrived. My chest brace pinched my skin in the toilet seat.

                              The wound become a stage 5, putting me back in the hospital with staff infection, placing me in a quarantined room. It took two operations. Taking skin from my leg and put in the wound. As I remember this period was as traumatic as my original accident. Feeling I had done something wrong to get the wound and the isolation giving me way too much time to think.
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