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    hello friends, sally had to have a bowel resection and has a colostemy bag she's really upset and we need some feedback, does anyone have them, how to do this without fingers, ect. ect. thanks, spike

    I had a colostomy put it/done, however you say it, over 10 years ago. I didnt want to do it at all but because of problems with a flap surgery my doc pretty much insisted on it. It has turned out to increase my independance tremendously. My buddies will change my pouch if I need them to but I would never have asked them to do the bowel management things.

    I got rid of the drainable pouches and use nothing but disposable pouches. My PCA has gotten to where she doesnt need gloves to change the pouch.


      Does she have a good ostomy nurse (CWOCN) working with her? This person is invaluable to help her learn the care, determine if she can do the care herself (or direct others to help her with it), find the right appliance for her, and help her with problem solving. If not, then ask the doctor to write a referral for one. She may also want to look into the Ostomates organization in her area as they have peer visits and other resources to help people learn to deal with a new colostomy.

      Many people with SCI have colostomies due to either other illnesses (bowel cancer or colitis for example), or trauma from their accident, while others have had elective colostomies because of skin problems or just to make their bowel care faster/easier. It is not easy to deal with this, but over time she may find it actually makes her life easier.

      You can get nice ostomy bag covers that are cloth that make it more asthetically pleasing as well. Here is one that is pretty specific to women:

      Here are a couple more:

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


        thank you very much these will be very helpful


          I had an ileostomy done in Jan 2008, so I am a newbie ostomate, but I am very happy I had it done. No more pain, intestinal infections, bowel programs not working, ect. Since I had the surgery done, I have got the hang of changing the appliance and trying out different products to see what one works the best for me (I use Hollister New Image appliances with the clipless Lock n' Roll pannel). I'd recommend getting samples from the 4 popular manufacturer's of ostomy supplies: Hollister, Coloplast, ConvaTec, and Cymed.
          You might want to check out the United Ostomy Association of America's website ( and chat on their discussion board. They have a young adult board (18-35 yrs.) that she can vent her feelings about the colostomy on and not feel alone. Plus, the young adult board has a live chat every Monday that several teens and young adults chat on (myself included). This association also makes a magazine called The Phoenix, which is excellent!
          As for pouch covers, you can make your own easily out of flannel or 100% cotton. My grandma made me several covers out of printed flannel after my surgery. All she did was borrowed one of my pouches, cut an outline of it, and sewed the two flannel pieces together on her sewing machine. They can be customized to the length of your pouch and make it to where your skin isn't as irritated because of having a bag laying against it (especially in the summer when you sweat a lot).



            Saying prayers for Sally. {hugs}


              mine's voluntary...2 years...COULD NOT live "completely" independent w/o...WOULD NOT be near as healthy w/o...i believe it will add to my life-span



                This will be a new experience.....but so was the SCI, so I guess we can live thru anything, can't we.

                I know this will be much easier for Mike for BC too.

                I go home from the hospital tomorrow, so time to get life in gear.


                MRS SPIKE


                  As a para, I won't be much help for usage tips, but mine wasn;t by choice either. After the fact though , I am very glad I had it done, as it simplifies bowel isues greatly! Tell her to hang in there, it is something that she will have to get used to, especially as it wasn;t something she had planned.
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