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SP w/inconsistent flow In chair vs bed

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    SP w/inconsistent flow In chair vs bed

    I am a C3-4 quad and I have been using a SP catheter for 20+ years. I use a 26 Fr w/5cc balloon using 3cc in the balloon (Bard or Rusch silicone coated). I have inconsistent flow depending on the catheter and whether I’m in my chair or in bed.

    The catheter I currently have in (and all of them in this box, so far) flows like gangbusters when I am laying down, but when in my chair it all but stops flowing. I may pee only 200ml all day. Whereas this morning laying down I peed 750ml in 2 hours. When I’m up I start feeling lousy, but not AD as I would if the catheter was at all blocked (bloating, nausea, pain in bladder & kidney areas). When I lay down it will flow like crazy!

    I get other catheters that do the exact opposite, flow lousy when laying down but flow like crazy when in my chair. So, it’s not a matter of fluid going to edema when up and voiding when down.

    And of coarse there are those gems that don’t flow well in bed or in my chair even tho I’m drinking a lot of water. I’ll change it to a different lot# and it begins flowing normal!

    This inconsistency seems to be, somewhat, by lot#, but not always.

    I do wear an abdominal corset, but it’s always above the catheter.

    Has anybody else had this problem? Any thoughts? Ideas?

    When upi your chair,are you making sure the catheter is lower than your bladder? That can effect flow. And most people experience greater flow at night when in a lying position.

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