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Is my Bladder Coming back

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  • Is my Bladder Coming back

    Hello, I am new to this site. I am injured from T-12 - L-2 since November 12/2007

    I have a few questions for one, i have noticed lately that during my BP i am able to urinate completely on my own, Is this a good sign? Its not completely normal as it takes a little more energy to do. does this mean i could get my bladder function back.
    I have also noticed that while doing my BP i am able to push stool out by my self, nothing like i could before, but definatly can. Our all these good signs?
    I cant completly feel when i have a BM coming on, but sometimes i get that feeling there that it coming and sure enough im right, but other times, i dont feel nothing.

    One last question when i was diagnosed with my injury being T10-L2 orignally(later changed to T12-L2
    The doctor had said it was a Complete injury. but a few months after my inury i had gotten feeling going down my left leg, only about 8 inches down, but its complety normal feeling responds to pain, hot, cold. and have also gotten my hip flexors back(ithink) as now when im laying in bed, i can roll over and lift my leg over the other one. and on my braces can walk one leg at a time.

    Does this mean imm not a Complete Injury?

    T12/L2 Complete - Nov. 12, 2007

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    I hope it is a sign of recovery. However, it is quite common to urinate during BM. From what I know, which is very little, It may or may not mean a return. The nerves that carry sensation to the brain are not the same as the ones that carry the signal back. Time will tell as everyone is different even if you are injured in the same place
    Good Luck


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      I will try to answer all of your questions:
      1. The fact that you are getting sensation back is a good sign. By itself, though, it does not mean you have changed from a complete injury to an incomplete injury. In order to be classified as an incomplete injury, sensation needs to be normal all the way from the level of injury through the last nerve (into the rectum and bladder).
      2. Neurologic recovery takes time (I know that is easy to say and not so easy to live.) there is no predicting how long it will take and how much you will get back.
      3. Urinating during your bowel program is common since you are stimulating the same nerves. The fact that you can now tell and control it some is encouraging. I am not trying to be a wet blanket, but keep in mind that the changes can stop at any time, however can also go on for quite a while.

      I always tell my patients that every little thing that they get back is important. So keep on trying and see what else may return.
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