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Head injury to my cousin

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    Head injury to my cousin

    Hello all,

    With all sadness, I would like to let you know that one of my cousins has got the head injury in a road accident. He is just 16 years old and has got blood clots at various places in his head. To raise the 11th day of the injury.He is under the supervision of good doctors?What would be your suggestions?


    It's early to know how things will go. Good doctors definitely important. Try to have family members share visiting him and staying for a few hours to make sure your cousin is getting care. Ask doctors and nurses questions you may have.

    Consider keeping a notebook with you to put notes about what went on during your visit! Put comments/observations from the other relatives/visitors in your notebook, too. This will help you see any progress that is being made, when you review the notebook each week.

    Best wishes for your cousin, and glad that you posted a message.


      Sad to hear. Brain injuries are a very serious thing, time will tell. Is he conscious and talking/aware of what is happening? As triumph said above, keep track of everything in a notebook, it could be helpful at a later date. Keep us posted with updates.


        It amazes me how little awareness there is about brain injuries. For example, in movies you might see the protagonist get a serious blow to the head and wake up and there's no apparent consequence. I don't think people fully appreciate that they should protect their brain and that concussions can have lasting consequences.

        Saumitra, I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. This may not apply to you but I've found that post-concussion people try to push themselves to recover too quickly. It takes time and a lot of rest.

        Edit: here's some information about brain foods that might help with concussion recovery:

        If your cousin is comatose then the above does not apply.


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