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    Stroke question

    What does it feel like to someone who has had a stroke? My 91 year old Mom had a stroke and now she is trying to make sense of it and to us. How do we communicate with her? I am 70 so this may help me also someday.

    It depends on the type and severity of the stroke

    My mum has posterior cerbral artery syndrome following a stroke. As the temporal lobe is involved memory has been affected. Also visual perception as it was the right side the brain. She tends to confabulate about what she has seen and been told as result and gets angry if you say any different. She also had an ealier frontal lobe stroke.

    It is far better not to have a stroke in first place. Keep BP low (under 120/80mmHg) and cholesterol down. This protects the brain as well as the kidneys and heart.

    Also monitor homocysteine levels as high homocysteine is a predictor of stroke and other badness. About 10% of the population make methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase with lower activity. They may need to look at methionine restriction along with sufficient suitable supplements to get them off the junk science noise floor.

    The recommended cholesterol levels depend on who you ask. You should demand unequivocal evidence that supports any such recommendation.

    LDL < 1.8 mmol/L
    (1.8 mmol/L = 70 mg/dL)

    HDL > 1.0 mmol/L
    (1.0 mmol/L = 39 mg/dL)

    Triglycerides < 2.0 mmol/L
    (2.0 mmol/L = 177 mg/dL)


      Susan, my Mum had a stroke one Sunday evening, she was 90 years old at the time. While she was watching basketball on TV.

      My wife Jean told me she was acting strange (I had a little house built for her right beside my house, No Zoning, in my town.) So we were in and out of her home often and at almost any time. Eventually she had to ask for help getting to the bathroom. And we realized what was happening. Within minutes of both getting her into and back out of the bathroom, she was headed for the hospital in an ambulance. First things first of course.

      So as far as any sensation/pain or whatever, she had none I know of. I have had a TIA, a Temporary something almost 5 years ago 72 yrs old. I just had a few moments of being unable to form my words coherently, then it passed as quickly as it occurred. Other than that no sensation at all. My BP is normally below 120/76, I have had LDL = as low as 19 with a normal of 25 to 30 and a HDL in the 40's. I guess what will happen will happen, we can delay unnecessary occurrences by maintaining good eating and living habits, but that will work for you for just so long. None of us will last forever, no one gets out alive.

      It doesn't make sense at all, it is at her age just something that happens, perhaps as good a way of passing on as we could ask for.

      My Mom lived about 2 years after this all but the last 2-1/2 months in her little home.
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        I had a small stroke last year. It felt like a quick sharp pain in my head, followed by my right arm going immediately numb. Unfortunately the doctors didn't find mine right away. I presented at the ER and appeared normal other than my arm was numb. The headache went away as soon as it came. My bleed was very small (about the size of a pen tip). It healed and there's only a small scar on my brain now.

        Even with that small of a bleed, it caused me months of migraines and exhaustion.


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