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Neuroplasticity of the Optic Nerve

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  • Neuroplasticity of the Optic Nerve

    I grew up with an eye condition called "amblyopia" also known as "lazy eye." My right eye is significantly weaker than my left eye. But this a condition of the nervous system more than it is a condition of the eye itself. I wore an eye patch on my left as a child but the doctors told me that my condition would not improve as I reached adulthood. Most doctors today have told me that my condition will not improve because most of the neural connections that led from my right eye to my brain were hardly made. I've attached an image of an MRI of my head where there is a clear difference between the innervation of the left eye as opposed to the right eye. One doctor however, told me that if I continue to cover my eye today I can improve it. After one month of covering my good eye, I went back for a re-examination and found that the vision in my weak eye had actually improved quite a bit. I also felt like my vision improved throughout every day life. But my question is: is there a physiological explanation for this that could possibly lead to a cure? Or is it simply psychological because I became more conscious of the vision in my right eye? Could my wearing of an eye patch on my good eye induce neuroplasticity of the innervation on my weak eye that could improve the condition?

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