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Polarized Cerebellar Tissue in 3D

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    Polarized Cerebellar Tissue in 3D


    During cerebellar development, the main portion of the cerebellar plate neuroepithelium gives birth to Purkinje cells and interneurons, whereas the rhombic lip, the germinal zone at its dorsal edge, generates granule cells and cerebellar nuclei neurons. However, it remains elusive how these components cooperate to form the intricate cerebellar structure. Here, we found that a polarized cerebellar structure self-organizes in 3D human embryonic stem cell (ESC) culture. The self-organized neuroepithelium differentiates into electrophysiologically functional Purkinje cells. The addition of fibroblast growth factor 19 (FGF19) promotes spontaneous generation of dorsoventrally polarized neural-tube-like structures at the level of the cerebellum. Furthermore, addition of SDF1 and FGF19 promotes the generation of a continuous cerebellar plate neuroepithelium with rhombic-lip-like structure at one end and a three-layer cytoarchitecture similar to the embryonic cerebellum. Thus, human-ESC-derived cerebellar progenitors exhibit substantial self-organizing potential for generating a polarized structure reminiscent of the early human cerebellum at the first trimester."

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    Please tell me where does it say anything about fixing paralysis, spinal cord or anything like that...
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      WTF for real, i think we need Neurology surgeon degrees just to follow. lol
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        WTF for real, i think we need Neurology surgeon degrees just to follow. lol

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        Please tell me where does it say anything about fixing paralysis, spinal cord or anything like that...
        No you don't need to worry about growing cerebellum in your brain. Paolo tends to posts junk he sees on LinkedIn, but he doesn't have the slightest idea what it's about. His motto is, "If it looks like science and says stem cells, then post it in the spinal cord cure at this forum".

        Lead author Keiko Muguruma says that, “the principles of self-organization that we have demonstrated here are important for the future of developmental biology.” She added that, “attempts to generate the cerebellum from human iPS cells have already met with some success, and these patient-derived cerebellar neurons and tissues will be useful for modeling cerebellar diseases such as spinocerebellar ataxia.” This condition is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern, which means one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause the disorder.

        The work published in Cell Reports details how sequentially applying several signaling molecules to three-dimensional cultures of human embryotic stem cells prompts the cells to differentiate into functioning cerebellar neurons that self-organize to form the proper dorsal/ventral patterning and multi-layer structure found in the natural developing cerebellum. An affected person usually inherits the altered gene from one affected parent. Growing functioning brain tissue in 3D was important research if you suffer spinocerebellar ataxia. I don't know of anyone myself that needs the growth of cerebellum.
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