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Can Fish Oil Help Heal A Brain Injury?

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  • Can Fish Oil Help Heal A Brain Injury?

    I watched this last week and i thought it certainly couldn't hurt to try if you have a loved one with a bad brain injury. I couldn't imagine having to worry about this is a family member but at least this gives a little crack of light for something you can try with nothing to lose. I know it is not a real study as it has only been two patients but hey what do you have to lose as you have a lot to gain if it does work.

    Here is the link from Samjay Gupta



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    can't be a bad thing. God bless this family...


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      My son was severely injured by a hit and run driver in September of 2012. He was diagnosed with a severe diffuse axonal injury. As soon as a friend told me about this article on CNN I approached his doctor and he was open to trying it. We started high level fish oil treatment that day. He is now an emerging seven on the eight level Rancho scale. The doctors are amazed and calling his recovery "remarkable". I also prayed continually over my son. I would absolutely try the fish oil. I have no idea why it is not a standard treatment procedure.