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Brain injury? Something else??

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    Brain injury? Something else??

    My sister was in a bicycle accident about 4 months ago and has central cord syndrome at C3/C4 with fusion at C4. She has regained a lot of function but has a lot of pain. She also hit the right side of her head in the accident and had six or seven staples but the CT/MRI was clear (of her brain).

    Fast forward to about a month or so ago...she started acting increasingly odd. She was repeating herself every five-10 minutes and calling me (and my mom, sisters) multiple times a day saying/asking the same things. Increased depression, loss of hope, fatigue, getting MAD, her personality totally changed. She became obsessed with thinking that she will never get better and she will never enjoy life/her kids/family again, etc.

    Then it got REALLY ugly and yesterday afternoon, we took her to the ER and she was admitted to the psychiatric unit (I feel horrible but it was NECESSARY).

    Could she have a mild brain injury from the accident that showed up now? We just thought she was having side effects from medication mixed with withdrawl symptoms from others but it seems to be MUCH more than that!?! We are all a little scared.

    Could depression alone do this?!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    One of my family members had a full-blown psychotic episode due to meds, alone. Your sister needs to have every facet of her situation looked at by a multidisciplinary, interactive medical team who will examine her head injury status, med schedule and dosage, and so on. She probably needs to have another brain scan, to be sure there aren't little bleeds (or something else) going on. My understanding is that head injuries can indeed be present, and only become visible after a lapse of time.
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