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Vulnerability from recurence

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    Vulnerability from recurence

    After my concussion (flew through the windshield and landed in a driveway, but stayed closed) the doctors told me that a repeat injury really could damage me. I was like a little kid for only a couple of weeks although my short term memory stayed shot much longer, and I made it to college only a year later. I struggled concentrating/reading some, and kept noticing improvement for several more years.

    How long does your vulnerability last? Once you’re as healed as you're going to get, are you back at baseline risk? Are you more vulnerable to other brain insults, like a seizure or hypoxia? I've been blue a few times in my life and it doesn't seem to have affected me (unless you're all humoring me). But might it all come home to roost later?

    I seem to notice more variation in my thinking from adrenal issues. Does that make sense?

    I cant tell you anything about the medical part of a brain injury, but I had a moderate brain injury, and my sense of humor never got back go what it was before. I cant write music as well either. At one time I had amost a hundred songs in my head. that never came back, and I had to learn to play all over again. I had lyrics going through my head all the time, and actually had people offering me money for them. im afraid that is gone forever, and people who knew me before my accident have said that I was a pretty fair guitar player. I dont remember being terribly good, but hearing that made me put more effort into learning to play again. it took five years before I could play anything at all. apparently my playing style is different than it was.

    I dont think I will be able to read music again either. the dots and lines do not stay in one place, but swim all over the place like pollywogs. I did get my short term memory back, however my spelling really suffered. forget complicated math(fooling, I always sucked at math)

    you seem like a very intelligent person random. I dont think anyone is humoring you.

    I hope a head injury doesnt come back. I recon you should stop landing on pavement though. I had a bike helmet on and it cracked in half when my head hit bethelehem pike, so I recon I was really lucky I had it on. Im guessing you might always need to be careful about banging your head again.