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    I keep getting logged off of CareCure at 60 minutes. If I am posting, it is lost. Anything I need to do? Any known reason for this?
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    Cheese .... when I'm in the middle of a post and I get logged off before I'm finished I log on again and usually my post just pops right back .... sooo I don't know ! Maybe someone else has something more to offer ..... have you tried using your Back button ....... after you log back on do you just get a new blank reply page ??????? or... is there a message that says this forum is not accepting new posts?????? cause that's when I'll use my back button and it usually is there if I go back 2 or 3 pages .......... and then .... sometimes its not ...... don't you just hate that??

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      Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser settings and also click stay logged in when signing into your account.


        Cheese, I've had some issues with CC, especially when I've poured my heart out in some long post. I prepare them in Word and paste them in now. It's safer.
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          Cheesecake I'm not very computer proficient so I don't know how to fix the problem. That has happened to me quite a bit in the past so what I do now is after every few minutes I will press preview post in the advanced setting. That will keep your session refreshed. I have aso done what jen has suggested but it always enlarges my font when I paste, so I stick with preview post.