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    Paralyze resistance with persistence.


      I first thought..."How do I draw 'care' do I draw 'cure'?" i couldn't figure it out!

      Then I looked back through everyone's suggestions and the globe seemed to be a prominent theme. But the globes were static - either north and south america or one of the poles etc.

      So I thought...a spinning represent...
      • our global community
      • the global problem (for lack of a better word) created by SCI
      • the global effort it's going to take to cure SCI
      • the passage of time while we are waiting for a cure
      • that progress is being made
      • that life goes on
      I choose the different fonts to represent...
      • differences in the people who make up this community (global community)
      • differences in our injuries and our abilities
      • the combination therapies that will make up the full picture of the cure
      That's enough deep talk from me. I think I might have a fever

      EDIT: Is it spinning the right way? It's going backwards isn't it? lol
      EDIT: One of them is spinning the right way.
      EDIT: Removed the one spinning backwards.

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      Before you learn how to fill in a hole,
      you must first learn how to dig a hole.


        Where are we at with a new logo???
        Paralyze resistance with persistence.


          I think the people have spoken and mine is clearly their favorite... or maybe that was the voices in my head.
          De Omnibus Dubitandum


            I need to work on another one. I can definately improve on what I have posted thus far. Still learning the art of photoshop.
            Paralyze resistance with persistence.


              Maybe Marvel would let us use Professor X?
    's worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.