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Issues/Feedback for Chat room

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    Issues/Feedback for Chat room

    Let's post issues and feedback on the vBChat here

    Smilies: Not all of the appear, some of them appear twice, and they change everytime you come into the chatroom.

    Chat window: I'm using Internet Explorer, and there is a small scroll bar for the chat window - can we resize this (maybe make the default size a little bigger) so the scroll bar goes away?

    Here are some others we were discussing in chat:

    [07:47 PM] Broknwing: does anyone else have the chat window only taking half the screen area?

    [07:47 PM] queen: every time you click on vbchat, you get a different set of smilies.

    [07:48 PM] Broknwing: the flicker is hard on the eyes, also the smilies across the bottom are duplicating themselves

    [07:48 PM] if you log in at home page, you can come right in here to chat

    I don't get the scroll bar in my chat window anymore, so I guess Jeff or Dr. Young fixed that.

    EDIT: I take that back. I see the scroll bar again.
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      from 2jazzyjeff:
      i like the layout with chat, but EVERYONE is complaining about how small the window is, how much wasted space is at the bottom, and you can't tell anyone's gender either. also, one can't scroll up enough to see convo. that they missed when several ppl. get on at once.


        I just changed some of the VbChat settings. It is set to automatically prune active chat that is more than one day old. It was set to automatically prune inactive chat rooms after one hour. I have changed it to prune inactive chat after 3 hours.

        Regarding the scrolling and display, it varies a great deal depending on the browser. Safari, Mozilla, and Firefox all fail to allow the chat window to be resized or modified. I have gotten around that by copying the URL for the chat to a new browser window. An alternative approach is simply to bookmark the chat and use your browser bookmark to activate the chatroom rather than the link from the front page, until we get it fixed. Thanks and sorry about all this.

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          Both chat links now produce a resizeable window. This seems to fix the half window problem for me.

          20 smilies are randomly selected from the total and displayed on the smilie button bar. As we add more smilies there will be fewer duplicates. ALL the smilies work in the chatroom whether they are shown on the smilie bar or not.


            Is the chat room having trouble today? Cant get the chat room window to stay open.


              chat room window

     say that the window is

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                The chat window is resizeable for me, using Firefox, by dragging the bottom right corner....


                  Jeff, I don't know if you're aware of this, but sometimes in the chat when you're typing a reply, it will start posting it before you hit enter or "post". So it will start posting single words before you're finished typing. Happened to me twice, and seems like its happening to alot of people.

                  Also, do you think we can increase how many smilies appear in the chat window? Right now its a single line so people have to click on vbchat I think to be able to see more smilies.


                    I've seen the single word syndrome..... thought it was a VR issue.

                    Many people find the chat slow [not me]....... so I halved the interval between refreshes. Using Firefox on a Mac is now dreadful as you can barely read a sentence before it flashes a blank page during refreshes.. It's okay on Windows where there is no flash. IE on Mac doesn't seem to flash a blank page either.


                      In case anyone is following this thread.... I think we're leaning toward a switch to FlashChat..... so the vbChat bugs might become a moot point.