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Voice software; page up, page down issues

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    Voice software; page up, page down issues

    I am using Dragon 8.0. Whenever I use the page up command or the page down command, instead of moving up or down 1 page, it goes all the way to the bottom of the page or all the way to the top of the page according to the command. For example, page down command takes you all the way to the bottom of the topic instead of down one page.

    Probably not a big deal for most people on this site, but it will make navigation very tough for those who rely on voice software 100% of the time.

    Carl R,

    I just tried the page up and page down commands in Dragon 8 Pro and it works fine. Maybe you accidentally have shift, control, or alt pressed? One way to troubleshoot your problem would be to press page up or page down on the keyboard and see what happens.
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      I'm having the exact same problem with my 7.3 Dragon. I plan on installing 8.0 this week hoping it would change things, now that I know 8.0 is doing the same thing has me wondering. The page up, page down , is a real handy for me. I'm also having problems in the chat where it keeps refreshing itself making things very difficult unless I use show dictation box. A little frustrating but hopefully it will work out in the end.
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        Justin, I tried your suggestion about pushing the page up or page down on the keyboard and the actual keys work fine. I went to the support pages on Dragon site and they do have it listed as a problem but they don't say what causes it. Their workaround solution is to use the command "press page down" or "press page up”.

        I have come across this problem in 1 Other Place, (not on the main page, but almost all the articles and other pages) does the same thing. It's strange that the page up and page down commands work 98% of the time on other web sites. It also drives me crazy that Dragon doesn't have a solution or at least explain why.

        Here is the tech note from Dragon's web site:

        Products: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8


        When using the command “Page Down” in some web pages on the internet, the page scrolls all the way down to the bottom. The expected behavior is for the web page to scroll down one page and stop so the user can see its content.


        We recommend saying “Press Page Down” to scroll down exactly one page if the normal “Page Down” command does not behave as expected.

        TechNote Number: 4873
        Published: 10/22/2004
        Last Modified: 10/22/2004
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