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    The Hotline: Call -1-800-637-2316

    We would greatly appreciate your help in notifying disability programs, advocates, government agencies, physicians, other professionals, and consumers of a new national toll free hotline for people needing life saving, solid organ transplant operations such as heart, lung, kidney, liver and or pancreata.

    The LIVES WORTH SAVING HOTLINE provides people with disabilities with authoritative information on organ transplantation and how to maximize one's chance of being listed and transplanted. There are not enough suitable organs for transplantation to save the life of everyone's who needs a transplant. It is very important for people with disabilities to learn about the transplant process, which can be overwhelming even to the most astute individuals. We will directly answer the questions of people with disabilities and their advocates.

    Please help us save as many lives as possible by empowering people with knowledge about the transplant system. Please distribute our hotline number to all people on your mailing list (put it in a mailing or in your newsletter) and ask others who have mailing lists or newsletters to do the same. Let's get out the word - people with disabilities deserve equal consideration for transplant operations and a national program has been established for that purpose.


    Steven Reiss, Ph.D. Linda Jones, R.N.
    Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry Program Director
    Director, Nisonger Center Nisonger Center
    Ohio State University Ohio State University

    Note: Professor Reiss is a post-transplant patient. Linda Jones is former CEO of Lifeline of Ohio, an organ procurement organization, and former national board member of United Organ Sharing, which oversees organ procurement in the United States. LIVES WORTH SAVING is a national program of the Nisonger Center UCED. We are cooperating with National Volunteer Working Group.

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