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"Search" date ... Cursing around.

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    "Search" date ... Cursing around.

    I have been spending maybe half an hour by now, trying to get this ... search program to display messages from the 22nd.

    Of course, as usual, to try for 5 days just makes 5 displays.
    Going back to the 24th. It not seeming to have reached the mathematics aspects of the program, that 24th - 27th (today) are NOT 5 days.
    Of course, ten days, just does the same.

    As 10 days for this program again seems to mean 5 displays, and again of the 24rth to 27th.
    I saved me to try for 30 days, as I learned in the past this thingie is alike a hoax, where irregardless what I clicked there, it did not display what with another program one might expect. And that is, if clicking soandso many days, that then for these soandso many days stuff will be displayed.

    I tried for May 22, 2003. It landing with posts from other days, but none of this one.
    Then I clicked something alike just the headline, forgot the wording.
    Then I got 2 posts with science stuff from Wise Young, and a bunch from other dates.

    I tried for 05-22-03. And got the Re, that no search results were found.

    But I know there were posts on that date, as I wrote down the last one I had read there, before R. wanted his computer back to work on his stuff.
    So there definitely do exist posts from that date.
    I do not get what this ... program cannot simply, if one clicks last 5 days, or a date, display that, instead of keeping just displaying 5 e-pages to click, today it seeming averaged to range 3 days backwards.

    Why make an option to click for 5, 10 or 30 days, if all it does is displaying 5 e-pages of the last few days.

    (Though one time I got it somehow to display me stuff way back into last year, though the search command had not been for last year.
    Just of course those of teh 22nd of May that I had tried for, were not there.)

    Eventually I was just sitting here cursing around a while.

    As it took me more time to search for nothing, than it might have taken me to read the headlines of that date, and click various that interest me.

    And within the next hour R. might be back, with some friends.
    I had not really gone to this computer to spend time just battling around with a search program that does not manage to display posts from the 22nd.
    (Else I might be already at the 23rd.)

    Please see