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A technical problem with your program

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    A technical problem with your program

    is the following here:

    I write something, make an error, mark it, and press a button to delete it.
    Suddenly the cursor is at the start of the text.

    All in all I find that rather annoying.

    Sometimes I didn't even notice straight, just wrote on, and looking up, realized because of that I had been writing into the first line.

    By the time of having scrolled down and finding out where before I had been,
    I had often gotten rather "out" of what I had wanted to express there.

    Which in another language is difficult enough, without keeping beeing catapulted to the start of the text at highly inconvenient times,
    like when at correcting an error.

    I'd appreciate if this would be corrected.
    (Also might save my neighbours to listen to wild cursing about your program.)

    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    R. just told me to write:

    >> The event of deleting a marked text
    is bound to "home".

    However the key on the keyboard of the same name ("home"), and "end",
    do not have their usual effects.<<

    Acid, I think that this may be a temporary thing and should go away soon if not already. For example, I don't see the problem now. Wise.