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    I wish to ask for everybody's tolerance and forgiveness while we try a new approach to trying to organize the posting of news reports to the Care, Cure, and Life Forums. Because a number of people have written to indicate that although they find many of the the news articles being posted to these forums are useful and interesting, the articles are overwhelming other issues.

    To respond to this, the moderator have discussed many options and finally decided to create a Health & Science Forum where non-SCI news can be posted or moved. We have been exploring a number of options, including a news search service that would provide a rotating banner of all the day's articles relating to spinal cord injury, as well as a news page that would automatically list links to all the important news of the day for our community.

    Also, I apologize for all the excessive news posts by myself. I have been trying out the different news search engines to see which one is good and have consequently been coming across a number of interesting articles.

    We would greatly apppreciate any comments.


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    It's a terrific solution.


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        Let me take this opportunity to discuss the criteria for the posting of news items to the Care, Cure, Life, Health & Science News forums. Several people have complained that there are too many news items are being posted to the forums, obscuring questions and issues that members are raising in the Care and Cure forums. News reporting is encouraged on this site. Many news items are of interest to the community and that is one of the great features of this site. People can come here to get the latest and best news relevant to spinal cord injury. While news items are encouraged, the highest priority postings must be direct questions or experiences of members concerning spinal cord injury. We do not want member postings to be overwhelmed by news items.

        Intent of the Care, Cure, and Life Forums. The Care forum should be about care issues in spinal cord injury. It is a place where people can discuss the complications of spinal cord injury. The Cure forum should be about cures of spinal cord injury. Therapies that address complications of spinal cord injury should be posted in the Care Forum. The Life Forum serves more or less like a general forum about life with spinal cord injury. I consider anything that affects the spinal cord to be relevant. For example, I believe that multiple sclerosis, polio, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, transverse myelitis, back pain, and scoliosis all to be forms of spinal cord injury. Likewise, issues like sexual function, depression, brain injury, osteoporosis, joint problems, skin problems, wound healing, etc. are all relevant.

        Etiquette for news postings. Please try to follow these rules when posting news items:
        1. Include the original URL (internet link) for the article. This is so that people can followup and see the original articles.
        2. Include a comment as to why you consider the news item to be relevant. It is courteous to explain why you are posting something and not make other readers guess at what is on your mind and why a posting is relevant.
        3. Please clean up the article before posting it. Don't just copy irrelevant text and buttons. Try to make it readable before you post it.

        Health & Science News. To solve the problem of too many news postings on the Care, Cure, and Life Forums, we decided to create another forum called Health & Science News which should hold most of the news items that are relevant but do not directly address issues of spinal cord care, cure, and life. Of course, the question of relevance is a matter of judgement. I spent part of last weekend searching for news items and posting them to the various forums to try to work out the criteria for what news items should be posted to which forum. The following criteria seems to be workable.

        1. Care news items. News items that are directly related to rehabilitative, nursing, surgical, and medical care of spinal cord injury problems should be posted in the Care Forum. For example, if there is a new treatment for osteoporosis that is being tried in spinal cord injury, new surgical procedure, bladder treatments, etc., the items should be posted in the Care Forum. However, more general care issues such as statistics on medical care, new medications for kidney stones, etc. can be posted in the Health & Science News forum.

        2. Cure news items. There are of course many news items that are relevant to spinal cord injury. I would like to suggest that only those that are directly related to curing spinal cord injury be posted. Also, news items that have been under discussion (such as stem cells) should also be posted in the Cure forum.

        3. Life news items. These should have something to do with spinal cord injury. However, we will use the viewing of our membership as a guide concerning what is relevant. For example, moderators will move news items that are not directly related to spinal cord injury and which have not been viewed by many members.

        4. Other forums. News items concerning Pain, Sports & Travel, Sex & Relationships, etc. should be posted to their appropriate forum.



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          Everyone should read this and be up to speed.

          A great idea!

          Onward and Upward!


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            Nice Fix Dr.Young

            As with any growing family or community, old ways are often outgrown and new ways need to be established to protect the health of the group. I like what you came up with, it seems to provide a place for everything.

            Thanks for your continued tireless efforts



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              Thank you, Wise, and Jeff!

              Tough times don't last - tough people do.


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                I didn't realize you had updated this Dr. Young. I'll start including the URL's (where they exist) for all of the articles I post.

                1. Include the original URL (internet link) for the article. This is so that people can followup and see the original articles.