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Private Topics - How to use the feature on this site

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  • Private Topics - How to use the feature on this site

    For those who wish to have truly secure communication with members of the carecure community, you can set up *private topics*.

    Viewing Private Topics. To see the private topics, you need to go to your MyPop page (active link on the upper right hand side of most pages of the forum). When your MyPop page shows up, click the "Private Topics" tab. This will then show you all the Private Topic to which you have been invited to participate in. If another member has invited you to participate in a private topic that he/she has created, it will show up on your private topics page.

    Creating Private Topics. In your private topic page, simply click "New Topic" and this will bring you to a page that asks you which members you want to invite to your private topic. On the left, there will be a scrollable window containing your contact list. Your contact list should contain members that you may want to invite to your private topic. On the right, there will be a scrollable window containing the members that you want to invite to this particular private topic. You do so by selecting members in your contact list and pressing the "Add" button to add them to the list. When you are finished, press the "Invite Members" button on the right. This will bring you to a page where you can post the topic. The topic that you have created will appear on the private topic page of all the members that you have invited.

    Adding to your contact list. In your MyPop page, you will find a tab that says "Contacts". If you press that, it will show you a list of all your contacts, a search window that allows you to search for usernames of people that you would like to add to your contact list. You click the box and then indicate that you want to add them to the list. You will also find active buttons with your private topics that allow you to update your contact list, view your active topics, and your MyPop page.

    Please note that this is a highly secure way of communicating. Nobody, not even administrators and moderators, will be able to see the topics unless you invite them. Also, there is a bar that will show you which member is actually looking at your active topic. So, it is almost like a private chat session.

    Try it. I think that you may like it.


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    Awesome Dr.Young

    What a great new feature. Thanks!
    Every day I wake up is a good one


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      There are some limitations to the private topics that people should be aware of.
      Adding new invitees. At the present, there is no way of adding additional members to your invitation list once the topic has been set up.
      Leaving the topic. There is a little icon at the bottom of the private topic messages that allows you to "leave" the topic. If you do so, the person is no longer on the invited list. At the present, I don't know how to add the person back onto the invited list once the person has left.
      Private topics forum. I have added a "Private Topics Forum" which shows the number of private topics that have been set up and the postings. If you click on the forum, all that will do is take you to your private topic page.
      Attachments. At the present, there is no attachment feature in the private topics. I don't know if this will be available.



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        Uses of Private Topics

        For those of you who have not tried Private Topics (I don't think anybody has tried it because I see only one topic that has been created in the private forum and I know that I created it), it is really a very powerful feature.

        Basically, there are two steps to the process. First, you create a contact list of members that you would like to involve in your private topic. Second, you create a private topic just like you would a regular topic but through your MyPop page. You select members from your contact list that you would like to invite to the topic.

        As soon as you do that, your private topic will appear in the Private Topic page of the members that you have invited to the topic. Please note that at the present, you cannot add members after you have set up the topic. All invited members will see the privte topic in their MyPop page. In addition, the topic should show up in the Private Topics Forum at the bottom of the front page.

        You use the private topic just like you would a regular topic. Invited members can read and post to the topic. It is completely secure. Only invited members can even see the topic. The topic originator can delete the topic. Because of the secure nature of this site, people who are not invited to the topic cannot see or post to the topic.

        Some example of uses...
        • Suppose that you want to communicate privately with selected members. Private topic is more secure and private than email.
        • Suppose you have a medical problem that you don't want the rest of the world to know but you would like the SCI-Nurse or a few other select members to give your advice, you can set up such a topic.
        • Suppose you want to provide personal contact information to another member, you can now do so without either member divulging their email addresses in public.
        • Suppose you want to post an attachment or image to select members, you can do so (by the way, please do not abuse this service).
        • Suppose you want to let to tell several other members (myself, SCI-Nurse, moderator) to go look at a public topic, you can set up a private topic inviting those members and post the URL for that topic there.
        • Suppose you want to discuss fundraising or lobbying strategy by Quest for Cure or some other group, you can set up a private topic for this purpose.

        On and on...



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          Detailed Instructions on How to Create a Private Topic

          To create a private topic:
          1. Press MyPop link on the top right of most pages. This opens up your MyPop page which has a number of tabs: What's New, Subscriptions, Private Topics, Preferences, and Profile.
          2. Set up your contact list. This is a list of people that you would like to include in your private topics. Press the "Contact" tab. This shows a search window and your contact list (if you have already set one up). Search for the name of a member and it will find that member. For example, if you type in "SCI", it will find SCI-Nurse, Sci Mom, and Scigirl. Select the person that you want, and click the "Add Members" button.
          3. Go to Private Topics. Click the "Private Topics" tab. This shows you a window with all the private topics to which you have been invited. If you press the "New Topics" button, this will open up a window to your contact list where you can select the members that you would like to participate in the Private Topic.
          4. Selecting participants. You can add additional members to your contact list as you go. Please remember that (at least for now), once you have set up a private topic, you cannot add additional members.
          5. Setting up the topic. Do this like you would a regular topic. Put in a header and the body message.
          6. Notifying participants. The site will automatically send an email to the members that you have identified, giving them the URL address of the private topic. They can go directly to the topic, view and post in that topic. Nobody else can do so.
          7. Rights. Topic originators have the right to delete the topic. By the way, private topics are truly private in the sense that nobody except invited participants will even know that the topic exists. The only indicator of a private topic is just the number of private topics and postings, shown up under the Private Topics Forum. As an administrator, I suppose that I can probably find a way to find out the private topic but I have not and will not unless there was a real emergency or the site is showing huge uploads and downloads of attachments in the private topics. The latter is unlikely because I have now restricted the attachment size in the private topics to 1024 Kbytes. This should be sufficient for most purposes but will prevent transfer of large files. If people are interested in the latter, please indicate why and I would be glad to consider expanding that limit.