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New features: PopIt, User Closure of Topic, Latest Post on Front PageP

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    New features: PopIt, User Closure of Topic, Latest Post on Front PageP

    I have just added some new features to the CareCure Forums. While it makes the forum pages more busy and the pages takes a little longer to download, I wanted to try it to see whether people think the new features are worth the extra download time and complexity of the site.

    1. PopIt! This allows you to create your own MyPop page to which you can direct specific topics. It also allows you to direct the server to email you notification of a posting in a topic or a digest of your MyPop page every day. This will allow you to read postings by email.

    2. User closure of a topic. I have added the feature, allowing a user who started a topic to close further postings to a topic. User deletion of messages is now disabled. However, you can still edit your messages and, if necessary, blank out messages.

    3. Display a link to the latest posting in each forum on the front page. There are many choices possible, including displaying a selected poll from the forum, the most popular topic of the day, etc. I am starting out the latest posting in each forum.

    What do you think?



    popit sounds great!

    closing topics could create some chaos. if people want to reply to a topic, they will. if the topic has been closed, they will just create a new topic on the same subject. good way to encourage system entropy.

    i have no opinion regarding latest post on front page.