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    Using the poll feature

    This bulletin board offers a polling feature which is a very powerful way of finding out what the community thinks about issues. I have activated the polling feature so that any registered member would be able to use it. Here is how you use it.

    1. Polling button. At the top right or bottom left of each message listing, you should find a button that says: "Post a Poll". If you press the button, it will open up a new page that has a "Subject*" box, a "Poll Question*" box, and five "Answers to Your Poll" box. 2. 2. Subject. A subject is mandatory.
    3. Poll Question. The pool question is likewise mandatory. For example, you might want to ask "What is your mobility device"
    4. Answers. These are the answers to your question that you want the audience to check. You must specify at least one. Thus, for example, you might want to give the following five answers to the above question: manual chair, power chair, scooter, legs, none.
    5. Press "Post Now" button and the poll will appear as a message without the topic that you are posting the poll.

    Please note that on the Care, Cure, and Life forums, I have set it so that only registered members can initiate topics, post replies, and post a poll. I think that only registered members are allowed to vote. If you have already voted, the program will not allow you to vote again; this is to prevent people from voting many times.

    When I come across particularly interesting polls in the forums that I think that people would like to see the results of or I think that more people should vote on, I will select that poll to be featured in the category page. Please suggest polls that you would like to feature and I will do so.