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Where to post for sale/free items?

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  • SCI-Nurse
    For Sale/Free items and services for sale by members (and not businesses) can be posted in the Equipment and SERVICES forum (which is an Exchange forum). Here is the link to that forum:

    I corrected the link in the Equipment and Supplies forum to that one. For sale and free items may not be posted there. You must be a member to be able to see the Equipment and SERVICES forum, so perhaps you were not logged in?

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  • lazierdog
    started a topic Where to post for sale/free items?

    Where to post for sale/free items?

    There is a sticky in "equipment and supplies" that said no for sale items in that section and has a link to another forum, but that link isn't working. I then did a search and saw a few people posted for sale items in that very forum. The sticky is dated a few years back but I assumed it was still good since the moderators didn't remove it. So where are we suppose to post for sale/free equipment?