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    Site Editing Update

    In case anyone notices, I wanted to drop a quick note about a few minor changes to the Forum list and Homepage. These happened on purpose:

    We removed the Calendar module from the Homepage. That's functionality we don't use so no sense in taking the time to load it into the page.

    We also trimmed and reordered the Forum list a bit. It is quite a bit shorter. We no longer have Chapters for each state. That data is available if there ever is a need and it will also still return in search results, but we won't see them in the Forum list and we can't create new Topics or Posts in Chapters anymore. Moderators will also notice fewer private mod/admin forums in the Member section that had been in use ages ago but not anymore.

    We also reordered the Forum list a bit, moving Members and Exchange Forums from the bottom up to the top, 2nd and 3rd to display, right after SCI Community Forums. Those are the most used 3 sections so they should be the first in the list. Manufacturers & Vendors is now properly in the Exchange category.

    We still have some other work to do to reorganize Exchange into more specific stuff for that, and moving some of the other stuff there a round a bit, but I'll be sure to make an announcement when that happens too.

    We have also updated the new user registration system to include a more useful 'on-boarding' process for new members.

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    All of that makes a great deal of sense, thank you for making those changes and addressing them here.
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