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    How to search for a particular topic that you’re interested in? The older site had a column where you could just search for stuff. Where is that now?...
    Is there any way to use the older site format? The best of the other format was that you could see a lot more on a page without having to scroll down too much. Now it’s like is always zoomed in, like made for people with poor eyesight...
    It does put me off a lot visiting this forum. Does anyone else have these b issues?

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    Search box is where it pretty much always has been: Top right corner of every page, in the darker blue header area with the logo. It can also be accessed on the navigation bar on mobile devices, in portrait orientation, using the menu drop down on the left edge of the navigation bar right under the main logo.

    The old 'format' was completely different software, vBulletin version 4. It's no longer supported by vBulletin and has also recently been compromised by a number of serious hacks circulating in black-hat hacking communities. Being unsupported, vBulletin is no longer creating patches to fix these vulnerabilities in older versions. Version 4,x is gone for good across most of the internet not just here. (We were pretty lucky to have upgraded shortly before these vulnerabilities surfaced, because we were immediately targeted and were able to patch the site with vBulletin's provided security update! CareCure could quite easily have been stolen and been gone for good! I'm not gonna give press to the hacks but anyone interested, with knowledge of these things, can look them up on official hack/vulnerability tracking services. They were quite serious.)

    As for being "Zoomed in", it is, a bit. There have been a number of complaints about the default text being too small so everything is magnified a bit. I guess most folks don't know this, but zooming in/out windows is a feature of every desktop OS these days, and even mobile OS. It'd be better for folks to zoom in their browser windows if things seem too small, but we did enlarge all the text a bit which just takes up more screen real estate. It's a bit of a compromise between users who want things bigger and those who don't want to scroll. To be fair, scrolling is pretty easy. I don't think that's a huge deal breaker for many. With so many "infinite scroll" social media sites these days it's just kinda how things are with the state of online tech today.

    The mods are actively discussing ways to lessen the number of subforums and channels to slim down the site and ease navigation. There are just too many unused channels that don't need to exist anymore. We'll be consolidating stuff moving forward and making the main forum list easier to navigate for the stuff the vast majority of visitors use. Stay tuned for updates on this. Big "look and feel" changes won't come quickly but they are coming, now that we've been up and stable on the latest version of vBulletin for a while. Some significant hardware upgrades are being tested as well.

    As far as feedback is concerned, I really appreciate it. When I can use the tools vBulletin provides, or my modest "maintenance programmer" level of programming skills, I consider feedback quite seriously. When it's beyond the scope of either my skills or the software, I can't really afford to. Some things just are how they are with both vBulletin and our tech volunteer skills. I'm just trying to be as frank and candid about these realities, as possible, not being defensive. Everyone needs to be on the same page so expectations (all around) can be realistic. I'm not shy about responding with, "Sorry that's too much." but I'm also not shy about jumping in and making changes when/where I can. It's a balance.

    Cheers, Dale
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      The "Cntl+" , or "Cntl-" sequence of key strokes quickly zoom's in or out. You can do the same from the browser settings menu using the mouse. Hope this helps.
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        On my iPhone I don’t see any drop down menu or search box. Here’s a screenshot
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          Here’s another screenshot with the Topics menu open
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