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    hi ive been having trouble logging in to the forum, ive tried different browers and still the same, ive made a new account and changed passwords etc and still the same, ive used the help thing as i couldnt post and not heard anything back, its not saying wrong password or anything it just reloads the page, until now i used a vpn as i did manage to get on the other day and i remembered i was using a vpn at the time as i was downloading whichg required it, so today i used my vpn and connected to a United States one and its working, is there anything i can do so that i dont need a vpn to login? thanks

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    I've had issues at well. When I am on my ipad, it will not allow me to log in.


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      Unfortunately it's terribly hard for me to help diagnose issues related to a specific device or tech being used. I use a VPN sometimes and other times not. I use an iPad sometimes too. I haven't experienced any issues logging in. Often times these things are related to your browser configuration and how it handles cookies. It's always a good idea to clear your cookies and try again if you experience issues from one session to another.
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        It is just slower than one would expect at the logging in process. I thought I'd forgotten my password even until I realized to wait for it.
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          It can be, yeah. Sometimes it's really responsive others not so much. There is a lot going on on this server at the moment. OldGrumpyDad has made significant improvements in the backend performance since the initial launch and is set to make more soon. Performance and security are top priority and actively being worked on.

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        i wiped my entire history etc, mine is very slow in loading pages etc but logging in it was saying logging in then it would go back to the original screen with the button at the top to login