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  • Post was unapproved?

    Can an admin help me with a post I just made. It says it is unapproved and I can no longer post in it or edit posts. I had a really hard time attaching images and had to edit my original post multiple times in a row, not sure it that threw a red flag or what. It's in the equipment section. Thanks

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    It's approved Brad. We have the spam controls very tight for now.


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      Yes, I think we can probably tune them back a bit. We are whetting a few false positives every week. We've been stopping most spammers at registration these days anyway.

      FYI: The spam checker is probably bumping up against these things in some posts:

      - Big walls of unformatted text. Poor punctuation and no lines feeds etc. I'm afraid voice to text users might be affected by this more than everyone else. It's happened a couple of times since the version upgrade.

      - Lots of hyper links. Spammers love to embed tons of links into their text so posts with several external links (including to photos...limit is set at 5 right now) are flagged by the auto-moderator.

      - Your IP address was submitted to an anti-spam service somewhere/sometime other than here. Probably rare.

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        The important thing to keep in mind: even though we're super short on moderators right now, we all have the Moderator inbox on the header bar of the site and know very quick when something needs action. Nothing sits waiting for more than 15-30ish minutes. Just don't take it personally, is an auto mod and I'm tuning it a lot. It doesn't false positive very often relative to the number of posts.