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Help from admin needed-- IP banned

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    Help from admin needed-- IP banned

    Hi I'm sorry to post this here but couldn't find the correct place to ask for help from the admin. my IP has been banned for some reason so I'm logging in from another device. Can someone take a look and hopefully reverse it? I am trying to help my newly injured father-in-law and this forum has been a wealth of information. When my mother in law has a question, she asks me and I do my best to help her get answers. You all have helped so much. I appreciate any help in getting this fixed. Thank you.


    At least two - former female members - have recently stated that they couldn't get back in so didn't bother.
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      I can't find the post I on Care Cure Community isn't very friendly, but I seem to recall a recent moderator post about new members and holds on posts because the posts are suspect. This may be the black hole you've stumbled into. Hopefully, one of the moderators or Jim will see your thread and set things straight.


        Cannot see that your IP address has been banned. You have logged on from two different addresses:

        The first you share with another long-time member, who also has not been banned nor whose IP has not been banned. IP addresses are not banned except in the case of repeated spam from that address. IP addresses can only be banned by Jim, the administrator of the site, so if you have a problem with your IP address, best to contact him directly by PM. I will alert him to this post.

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          Aly, your IP isn't banned and account is active.

          What message are you getting?