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    I can only see half the line in text input. You can define font size in absolute pixels ("px", which can be changed in accessible user agents), but every thing else to do with text needs to be in "em". However, purely decorative borders and images can remain in absolute pixels.

    Is there any way user can add their own style to permit font changes?

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    If you use chrome, just do crtl-+ and it will scale the site nicely.


      The Chromium V8 only runs on x86 or ARM. I used Chromium when it could be used with portable SpiderMonkey.


        I have a similar problem (http:///forum/showthread.php? I use FireFox on a MacBook Pro. The cut off type isn't as bad in my view as yours. I didn't get a response from anyone about the issue when I raised it a while ago.

        All the best,


          Not quite right

          I changed this script DejaVu Sans Mono, Andale Mono, sans-serif for default
          Courier, serif for headings, DejaVu Sans Mono, Courier, Andale Mono, monospace
          for tt, etc. The are all monospace. Bit clunky on this site though.
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