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    Interested in participating in a documentary?

    Prior to my injury 6 years ago I worked in film and video as a videographer and editor. I gave up on it following my accident, but am looking to return to it.

    Since my injury, I've found it interesting how my perception of myself in dreams and memories has gradually changed. I've had dreams where I'm in a wheelchair, but wonder why and just get up and walk away. I've had dreams where I can walk but still can't use my hands or where I'm able-bodied, but still need to drain a leg bag.

    Sometimes, when awake, I'll remember something from the past, but initially remember myself there in a wheelchair, when I wasn't.

    So, I'm looking to begin researching how a catastrophic injury changes one's perception of themselves in dreams or in memories, specifically:

    - How does the age one was at the time they were injured affect their perception?

    - How does the amount of time passed since their injury affect their perception?

    - How does the severity of their injury affect their perception?

    - Are there common threads and elements in injured individual's dreams?

    I'm at the very beginning of this process, so I'm just gathering people and information for now. If you might be interested in participating, please contact me at

    And, if you know of any books, resources or professionals (such as mental health professionals), please let me know.

    Thanks for your help!

    Jonathan Campbell