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    Originally posted by cheesecake View Post
    Eileen: I am so sorry and my heart breaks for your very kind and hurting heart. I do hope that you do not let this one incidence keep you from caring ever again. Many here value you as a friend.

    I second that!!

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      Oh she's sick all right, sicker than most who have a variation in real life and hurt children. Acknowledging that fact, I believe harming children physically and emotionally and mentally is worse, at least in my mind.

      It's a shame that what "Annie" did has the most harmful impact on those among us with the gentlest of souls. I truly feel for Eileen and jody and others who invested their hearts into the creations of "Annie." To those people I can only say don't lose your trust and love for people that you have shown to us many times over, for that would be a shame, and a great loss for us all.

      Mark it up to a mentally disturbed individual who is also suffering, in her own way. That's not an excuse to do what she did, though, and her actions should be condemned in the harshest of terms.

      I spoke with her about a week ago after Steven alerted me to the suspicions of Scorp, Chick and some other members. I didn't believe it at first, not knowing about the past identities and current inconsistencies. In "Annie's" voice I could hear a loneliness of heart and need to be loved, but also an instability of mind. We talked for about 45 minutes, long enough for me to catch her in many falsehoods and other actions that made me realize she was pulling a scam.

      But I also made a connection with this person, as perverse as that sounds, and feel sorrow for her. I detected nothing evil, nothing wanton or wicked, and she did most of the talking. I did detect a profound sadness and depression in the timbre of her words, and a longing to be loved. If she is doing this for kicks and thrills, for personal pleasure, and it wasn't a symptom of or expression from an illness of the mind, then it doesn't get more evil than that. I don't believe that's the case, but it's been going on for many years, so I just don't know.

      CC members come first in my heart, and always will, and I'm sorry that I played a part in this by befriending Mark so early on, being as I've lived in Butte. I might have been a gateway for him to gain access to others. If that's so, I apologize to everyone. Those who said prayers and sent postcards and shed tears should be commended for their loving nature, for deeds such as those are truly what makes the world stay sane.

      Father Alex, please say a prayer to your god for Eileen and jody and others who were painfully abused because of their kind nature, and say a prayer for "Annie," too.

      Originally posted by sjean423 View Post
      I think a lot of the people posting in the "Truth" thread demonstrate just how hurtful this can be and how right you are here Jen.
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        a lot of ccc members have met each other, so it is possible some members to vouch for other members here as that they are real people that have a right to be at this online community. many have also been to the sci conferences, or have met Dr wise. then also bente's trip to the u.s got quite a few members together. I think it would be very sad to loose faith in all the frienships here. sadder still that there is suspicion all around. I for one can say without a shadow of a doubt that pararich is a real guy who was injured just as he claims, because I have met him several times and stayed at his house. I know he is not suspect, but I used him as an example because I have met him. The photo's of people at conferences with Dr wise, and the photo's of other members getting together confirm for me anyway that this or that member is a real person who is who he or she says they are. I would really like to believe that everyone here is who they claim to be, but well cheesecake is right about the caring thing. But without care part though it would not be care cure, and not a community.

        oh, thank you Rdf, I am fine. I just feel a little duped like everyone else. no pemanent damage.
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          Eileen and others, Please don't let this change who you are. I give people the benefit of the doubt and generally believe what people tell me. I would feel very hurt if I were you also.
          When Markspal was in the hospital and so many were sending good wishes I looked up some of his old posts to see what made him so special to people here. My heart went out to Andes when she posted. "He" sent me a PM once and I responded. That was the extent of my communication, but it pisses me off now.



            that didn't work... I was trying to post this video



              Originally posted by JenJen View Post
              I've been trying to remember the name of this movie since this thread started. Eureka!!!

              Interestingly, according to NEtfilx, The Night Whisperer is based on a true story.
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                I have been pretty quiet on the forums the last few weeks...dealing with overwhelming personal issues and although I read about everyone, I just haven't had the emotional strength to reply to posts...I spent time and energy praying for Mark and Annie and kept telling myself what I am going through will pass and things could certainly be; Mark and Annie...I cried when I "thought" Mark was in the had only been a few weeks before that my son was hospitalized and I came so close to losing him...I felt really bad because I told annie I would call her to talk and never called...telling myself I'll call tomorrow...if nothing else "they" taught me an attitude of gratitude...that my life was not as bad as theirs...

                I'm sad...I hope everyone in pain, dealing with heartbreak and feeling broken beyond repair wakes up tomorrow feeling a bit better and you catch a ray of sunshine...hugs, judy


                  Originally posted by jody View Post
                  I remember you mentioning that betheny.
                  our most recent was that dude who pretended to be his girlfriend telling us he overdosed, and died and then thought we would forgive him. or better, not figure it out. I think his ccc name was knight rider. or knight something. some one had also asked for an obituary, and several of us began to private messege each other to compare notes on our googleing his screen names and ip address. for much of that thread we had expected something smelled fishy. remember balloon boy?
                  I think you meant Darklighter.


                    Originally posted by teena View Post
                    I think you meant Darklighter.
                    yes I'm sorry to knight rider I did mean darkligher. med100 and I did a lot of googeling during that thread and by the time the darklighter did his o.d, it was clear it was a scam and we were pming the info to each other. though, emi14 had me fooled. and damn the andes, mark/mike/quad uncle/severely injured vet boyfriend/ and the boys oh, and the sister in paris character how did she keep it going so long and not forget from one page to the next? I have to say that though it is very messed up what she or he did, it should just spend time writing a book and make an honest fictional living rather than what was done to our trust. shame.


                      Originally posted by JenJen View Post
                      I might disagree with you here. It's still VERY harmful as you see played out when these things are discovered. Community members give a lot of themselves to the deceivers; for some it is energy they can barely afford to give. I think the deceivers are not as invested so they cannot understand the pain and destruction they leave in their wake. They just move on to the next lie. They are just as sick as those who do it IRL, IMO.
                      I hate liars! Hence why I love Judge Judy so much, she eats them for breakfast.


                        To quote Maya Angelou: "When people show you who they are, believe them."


                          Münchausen by Internet by Proxy would exist too as would Münchausen by Proxy by Internet by Proxy.


                            Originally posted by Steven Edwards View Post
                            Münchausen by Internet is a pattern of behavior in which Internet users seek attention by feigning illnesses in online venues such as chat rooms, message boards, and Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It has been described in medical literature as a manifestation of factitious disorder or factitious disorder by proxy. Reports of users who deceive Internet forum participants by portraying themselves as gravely ill or as victims of violence first appeared in the 1990s due to the relative newness of Internet communications. The pattern was identified in 1998 by psychiatrist Marc Feldman, who created the term "Münchausen by Internet" in 2000. It is not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-IV-TR.

                            . . . Several high-profile cases have demonstrated behavior patterns which are common among those who pose as gravely ill, victims of violence, or whose deaths are announced to online forums. The virtual communities which were created to give support, as well as general non-medical communities, often express genuine sympathy and grief for the purported victims. When fabrications are suspected or confirmed, the ensuing discussion can create schisms in online communities, destroying some and altering the trusting nature of individual members in others.

                            . . . After studying 21 cases of deception, Feldman listed the following common behavior patterns in people who exhibited Münchausen by Internet:

                            * Medical literature from websites or textbooks is often duplicated or discussed in great detail.
                            * The length and severity of purported physical ailments conflicts with user behavior. Feldman uses the example of someone posting in considerable detail about being in septic shock, when such a possibility is extremely unlikely.
                            * Symptoms of ailments may be exaggerated as they correspond to a user's misunderstanding of the nature of an illness.
                            * Grave situations and increasingly critical prognoses are interspersed with "miraculous" recoveries.
                            * A user's posts eventually reveal contradictory information or claims that are implausible: for example, other users of a forum may find that a user has been divulging contradictory information about occurrence or length of hospital visits.
                            * When attention and sympathy decreases to focus on other members of the group, a user may announce that other dire events have transpired, including the illness or death of a close family member.
                            * When faced with insufficient expressions of attention or sympathy, a forum member claims this as a cause that symptoms worsen or do not improve.
                            * A user resists contact beyond the Internet, by telephone or personal visit, often claiming bizarre reasons for not being able to accept such contact.
                            * Further emergencies are described with inappropriate happiness, designed to garner immediate reactions.
                            * Other forum members post on behalf of a user, exhibiting identical writing styles, spelling errors, and language idiosyncrasies, suggesting that the user has created fictitious identities to move the conversation in their direction. (Source)

                            Clues to Detection of False Claims

                            Based on experience with two dozen cases of Munchausen syndrome through the Internet, I have arrived at a list of clues to the detection of factititous Internet claims. The most important follow:

                            1. the posts consistently duplicate material in other posts, in books, or on health-related websites;
                            2. the characteristics of the supposed illness emerge as caricatures;
                            3. near-fatal bouts of illness alternate with miraculous recoveries;
                            4. claims are fantastic, contradicted by subsequent posts, or flatly disproved;
                            5. there are continual dramatic events in the person's life, especially when other group members have become the focus of attention;
                            6. there is feigned blitheness about crises (e.g., going into septic shock) that will predictably attract immediate attention;
                            7. others apparently posting on behalf of the individual (e.g., family members, friends) have identical patterns of writing. (Source)
                            We have had this happen here before, so I wanted everyone to be aware of it. While we should continue to help people who come here, we need to remember that this is the Internet, so everything isn't always what it seems.