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    Originally posted by badsign View Post
    Hey Gary I'm in delray beach. Where are you located? Man, that is an amazing offer you proposed. I'm new to this site but I am deeply impressed at how resources just appeared out of the wood work.

    By the way, my name is Justin. Nice to meet you all
    My best friend's name is Justin. I will send you my number again as a PM. Thanks for your support bro.


      Originally posted by garyv View Post
      I would be willing to help with any type of CNC work CAD work or welding for prop work , even custom plastics work as well. I am only a few hours south of you .. It would be neat to help out on this project..
      I have built all kinds of parts for chairs and mostly yacht work which I am in with a friend in this area and Ft Lauderdale area..
      Also just a thought , not sure what your movie is about but might be able to access a few different yachts to film on or around for you if that is anything you are doiing..
      Hi Gary, I would definitely need some CAD work. Also, I had wanted to include a yacht scene but my budget could support it. If you have an affordable connection that we can use to film a yacht scene in the area, I would very very much appreciate it. Thanks a ton. BTW, the name of the movie is called "Juxed". I can send you a copy of the screenplay if you would like to get an idea for art direction.


        semajh7 and badsign, sent PMs..
        T-10 ,,1980,,


          congrats, we need mo8re aspiring artist like you