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  • Odd editing screen

    Sometimes when editing a post, I seem to get sent to a vote page. Haven;t figured out if it is something I am doing, or some sort of glitch.

    In the posted example from yesterday, I was using Chrome, but it has happened using Firefox too. I bounce between them still.

    Not a big deal, just odd. It isn't terribly new, But yesterday was the first time I thought to grab the screen before continuing.

    I am pretty sure when I hit save, it brought me to the regular editing window (all filled in still) and I just had to click save again.

    Steven, OK, I can attach the screenshot here.
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    That is odd.

    Please reply here each time it happens and leave a link to the post or thread it happens with. They might have something in common that'll help me isolate the problem.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.


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      Will do. I have been trying to MAKE it happen this afternoon, and can't. Ah well.
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        I have had that happen several times too lately....seems to be mostly when I am edited an already posted message. I just click on "vote now" instead of submit and it works.

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          So it isn't just me huh?

          Ok, right now I can force it. It seems to be cache related?

          If I go directly to a post, and edit it, it is normal.

          If I use the back buttons, to return to it, and edit, I get the weird screens. Which, when I kept trying to force it again, got worse and worse!

          I kept playing with it. The words in the 4 boxes mean nothing. Clicking on them follows what SHOULD happen in the 4 boxes in the edit screen. Save, Go Advanced, Delete, Cancel. In that order. So whatever is in box 4, for instance, is really Cancel. Box 1, even if it comes up Delete This Message is really Save.

          But like I said, it is if I leave the thread, change my mind and return with the browser forward/back buttons, and THEN edit, this is my result.

          Here are several screenshots from the last few minutes, Chrome.

          Since I really should be working on my taxes, I will go and try on Firefox. This is intriguing me, and a good way to procrastinate!
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            Nope, I can't make it happen in IE or Mozilla. But, if it is something to do with the cache, I don;t use them often.

            I have only been running Chrome since Jan 2, and this is older than that I think. Just so random I have never mentioned it.

            And emptying the cache didn;t change anything. I'll save this by clicking "Delete this Message", the first box,
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