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    Hear this idea for a fundraiser

    okay I know this may sound very crude or perverted but has anyone ever thought of "Pornstars for Paralysis"? Some how contact pornstars and organize a fundraiser somewhere, where people can take pictures with them talk to them... idk how it could/should really go but porn is an industry I highly doubt is in a recession. So Im sure if we work together we can put together some helpful ideas.

    cant hurt

    Salacious for SCI?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Alliteration ranks right up there with semicolons.

    Not sure—would I take money from tobacco for a cure? I haven’t firsthand knowledge, but my memory from ‘Women and the Law’ is that porn is not the innocuous ‘entertainment’ you might think, but both practices and engenders violence against women. See Catherine MacKinnon, if memory serves.

    Issues of taste aside, that fact alone would make me resist an association.

    And I don’t think the industry’s been recession proof. Remember they had the amusing gall (please appreciate what you know I resisted there) to ask for a share of the bailout. Men still have for free the Superbowl to stir their aggressions.
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      #3 Would you support porn so much if your own children were in the industry? Don't think I'd be able to accept that any more than I'm sure you'd accept support from say, Saddam Hussein.
      Disability Humor


        Last year a group of strippers in Vancouver had a benefit to raise money for breast cancer research. The breast cancer charity refused their donation.