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    level injury

    Hi there

    What do you think if the injury level will be visible under the avatar picture of the members (when is case and the member specified it ).

    For some of the members(especially those which are very active), I've know the injury level, otherwise i have to look on their profile details just for injury level. For me this is not difficult at all, but for those who are using voice commands software this might be a problem.

    You know that is a big difference between some key levels (persons with C5 injury and above can't transfer themselves ) and when I'm on exercises, equipment, cure or life forums this detail is very important.

    PS: On long term think also at the server load costs.
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    I don't mind looking at the profile (that is what it is for)...I just wish people would actually complete them. I would rather continue to see their location on their posts instead of just injury level.

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