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  • TEAM REEVE - NYC Marathon fundraising page

    Dear family and friends

    I'm running the 2009 ING NYC Marathon!! As many of you know running the 26.4 miles through all 5 boroughs has been a goal for me. I have been given this opportunity from the Team Reeves Foundation. The Reeve Foundation was started as a community response to a crisis that has quickly grown into a national movement. The early pioneers who started this Foundation began this work at a time when spinal cord research was considered the graveyard of neurobiology.
    Christopher Reeve's injury changed the field forever and it was his vision, his passion, brilliance and creativity that made this one of the most promising fields in research. And while Dana was universally known as the model for care giving, her real legacy is the creation of our Paralysis Resource Center that has reached tens of thousands of those living with paralysis and their families with useful, often life-saving and life-changing information. What inspires us is following through on and achieving in our lifetimes what they so generously and courageously started.
    I'm very excited to run not just for my own personal goal but for a charity my family and I are invested in. I have set up a fundraising web page on the Team Reeve website

    So please check out the web site at:

    One you get to the web page click sponsor and Athlete then just type in my name and you should see it pop up click and it should open to my donation page

    Amanda Gallant

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    John: I was one of the teams founding members and did NYC in 05 and 07 on a handcycle.
    If Amanda needs any tips, I will be happy to assist her, just PM me.
    Every day I wake up is a good one