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    I am attending a SCI conference in a couple of weeks, and I was asked to speak for about 10 minutes. I have to speak about community resources and was wondering if anyone had any advice or help on experiences you have had to deal with with your community resources. I thank you in advance for helping me out!!!
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    You might check out Juke_spin’s thread (in Life: “Can’t Cope…”). The local SCI support group hooked him up with a local volunteer organization that's been very helpful, and people have posted there with information about other organizations that might be helpful, like the Cerebral Palsy Association and Centers for Independent Living, among others.

    I have struggled with the lack of good transportation options. NJ’s public option is pretty reliable and the drivers are very kind, but it requires you to wait outside for a 40 minute window and if your cord is sensitive you do not escape the shockless ride without it compromising your day. And if your doctor is in another county, forget it. So if there would be an opportunity to highlight that need, I think it would serve us well.

    Good luck!