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    I didn't realize much time I spent on this website until it was gone and I basically had nothing to do all day. I've been bored out of my mind the past few days, stumbling around, feeling a little bit lonely without all these other voices of reason to read about. Dr. Young, I don't know how you do it. Where do you find time to do anything for yourself? Between your work there as a scientist, moderating this website and then you post stuff here all the time, usually in the middle of the night. My hat is off to you sir and everyone else who helps run the site. You've done an excellent job, are doing an excellent job, and I'm sure you will continue to do an excellent job for years to come. Thank you for such a wonderful site. I believe I would be lost without all the valuable information and the peer comfort I get from here
    C-5/6, 7-9-2000
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.


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      Good to see this site back. Thanks for all the work to do so!
      L4-5 cauda equina syndrome (1/8/08)


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        Thanks for all the hard work! Missed everybody! Welcome back!!


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          CC's absence left a gaping hole in the Internet. This site has become indispensible for so many of us. Thanks for all you hard work in resuscitating it back to health.


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            Thanks Doc!


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              Ditto ditto and ditto ...........

              Truth be told .... I'm a little afraid of how much I missed this place ....

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                Thanks so much for getting the site running again, and also for posting the message to let us know what the problem was. I'm sure that many of us felt a little adrift without this site, and I appreciate all you put into making it work again.


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                  Originally posted by duge
                  Thanks Doc!

                  Thank you very much, Doctor Young!


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                    Originally posted by skippy13
                    Thank You for getting the site up and running again. It was missed.


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                      Thank You Dr Wise and everyone involved for getting the site back up and for keeping information posted regarding the problem.
                      My withdrawl symtoms were horrible, but now I may joyfully return to my addiction
                      "We're one but we're not the same. We get to carry each other" U2


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                        Originally posted by Wise Young
                        I apologize for the long down time of CareCure. This is the longest time that CareCure has been down in its entire history. What happened? Last Friday, the server indicated that one of its RAID disks has been corrupted. On Monday, we scheduled a maintenance break to fix the corrupted disk. It turned out to be unfixable. In order not to lose any data, we sent the disks out for data recovery. They just finished and restored the data. We received the disk this afternoon.

                        Steven Edwards is still looking through the site to make sure that everything is working but, in the meantime, CareCure is now up again. I deeply apologize for the site going off line like that.

                        Wise ... Steven and everyone else who worked so hard to return CC to the world .. a GIANT thank you!

                        I hope that the mods and admins all got some well deserved rest from monitoring our family in-fighting.

                        I didn't realize that missing CC WAS ... as a thread reader, a lurker or as a poster was an addiction possibly requiring outside intervention.

                        This was harder to go cold turkey on than some of the meds I have used over the years.

                        Now I can cancel my shrink appointment!

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                          Thanks for all the hard work getting it fixed, in some ways I'm glad it was down for a bit, made me realise I spend way too much time on here. Not dising the site or anybody but just saying its good to step away from the computer & online life & get back to real life.


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                            Thanks to everyone who worked to get the site back up!

                            Yeah... I come here everyday and was going though withdrawal for sure....

                            Thanks again!



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                              Thanks to all of you that keep this gig up and running.
                              I knew I could count on my old New Brunswick gang to fix it up.

                              Be Big,
                              L4/L5 CES


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                                Glad ya got it back up.

                                I don't mean ta sound bad but what kind of set up do ya have? I run mirrored raid arrays at the dental office. When a disc goes bad, it continues to run, I go there, replace the disc, tell it to rebuild the array and go home. No data loss danger at all, that is what a mirror is all about, redundancy. I shut down the computer for the time it takes to pull the drive and swap one, 5 minutes max. No stoppage of operations. That would be unacceptable there.
                                But then again, I build them (pcs ) I'm forced to run XP on them, the dental software isn't ported to any other OS but windERz.

                                I assume you guys are NOT running RAID-1?