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Another encouraging study on stem cells

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    Another encouraging study on stem cells

    Seems like we're getting closer to stem cell therapy for MS. This latest study combining chemotherapy to remove the old immune system and stem cells to reset a new immune system shows positive results for putting the brakes on MS, compared with people on other disease-modifying treatments. (However, it was done before Ocrevus was released.) The best thing is that the most dangerous results of previous studies are just not there anymore: that dramatic study reporting great gains from a few years ago contained a significant number of deaths as well, but this seems to no longer be a problem. Primary progressive was not factored into the study, but the treatment is not generally available to anyone else yet either. But this is progress.
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    Treatments like this have been tried for MS (an autoimmune disease unlike traumatic SCI) for many mother had a friend who was in a clinical trial of bone marrow transplant for MS about 15 years ago, and she had a nearly complete and permanent remission. Out of 10 patients in her study group, 2 died due to complications of the procedure. Sadly, this does not really have much applicability for those with traumatic SCI...might be helpful for those with transverse myelitis though, as that is also an autoimmune disease (we think).

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