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Injured Football Player's Mother Talks

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  • Injured Football Player's Mother Talks

    Injured Football Player's Mother Talks

    Rochester, NY (10/12/03) - Anthony Salmon's mother talked for the first time since her son was seriously injured during a high school football game more than 2 weeks ago.

    Salmon suffered a fractured vertebrae in his neck and severely damaged his spinal cord. He remains in guarded condition at the intensive care unit at Strong Memorial Hospital.

    At Wilson's homecoming game against Franklin on Saturday, Salmon's mother, Patricia Taylor, cheered for her son's team.

    Before the game, Taylor was given flowers and a jersey by her son's teammates, and hugged by fellow parents.

    "I just want to say to the community, thank everyone for all their support, all their encouragement, prayers, I just want to thank everyone, it has been overwhelming, so I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart," she said.

    Taylor added that Anthony is in good spirits, despite his severe injury. He gets regular visits from his classmates, members of the football team, and cheerleaders, which helps him deal with his injury.

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    please know my prayers are with you and son.


    jim maclaren