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Paralyzed doctor's career at full speed

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    Paralyzed doctor's career at full speed

    Paralyzed doctor's career at full speed
    Focus is helping others begin anew

    Surrounded by doctors and nurses, the man in the hospital bed, paralyzed from his waist down, worried about his upcoming move to a rehabilitation center.
    Dr. Jesse Lieberman tried to reassure him.

    "There's life after injury," the young doctor said. "You can do all kinds of stuff."

    Lieberman, who at 31 is finishing his third year of residency at Carolinas Medical Center, knows what he's talking about.

    Five years ago, a spinal cord injury left him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

    Lieberman was a third-year medical student at Wake Forest University in February 2003 when he fell three stories from a balcony.

    But he didn't let paralysis stop him from chasing his dream.

    As a patient at Carolinas Rehabilitation, next to CMC, he became friends with rehabilitation specialists who helped him realize he could still become a doctor. Through his experience, he decided to work with others who are facing life after brain and spinal cord injuries.

    In August, he'll move to Pittsburgh with his wife, Michelle, and their five-month-old twins, Saul and Gracey. There, Lieberman will do a yearlong fellowship in spinal cord injuries before returning to Charlotte as a full-time physician at Carolinas Rehab.

    Despite his disability -- or maybe because of it -- Lieberman's colleagues say he's already an exceptional doctor.


    Very impressive.
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."



      I actually almost know these people...

      My friend Marc who had a SCI was Jesse's patient BEFORE Jessie got a SCI.

      Marc is the guy who gave me my first computer...but anyhow...

      Jesse actually got injured while helping a neighbor try to get into her apartment...she was locked out on her balcony...

      When Marc passed away, I was the one who let Jesse and Michelle know...

      Michelle send me a sweet email back right away...and was going to contact Marc's wife...which I am sure she did...

      They have been on our local TV News several times, and Jesse at one time had a website/blog going...

      All of that info that I had on his website, etc, got lost when I switched computers...

      Anyhow...said all that to say this...Jesse is someone we all should be very proud of! From knowing Marc and his wife, Janie, I K-N-O-W for sure that Jesse is an excellent Physician and he takes his job very seriously.

      Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

      Take care!



        Jesse and Michelle are WONDERFUL people...I've gotten to know Michelle throuh an online group...She's one of the most caring people I've known. Their twins are adorable too! They've been featured on Good Morning America in the past too. I can't help but wish them the best in their move to Pittsburg...

        oh yeah, Michelle is an OT also...
        L-1 inc 11/24/03

        "My Give-a-Damn's Busted"......


          I might add that Jesse and Michelle got married after Jesse's SCI... Proof that there is love...