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Stem Cells & Spinal Fusion Podcast

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    Stem Cells & Spinal Fusion Podcast

    BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 6, 2007) - Ronald Trahan Associates
    ("RTA") Inc. announced today the availability of a podcast at entitled, "Stem Cells & Spinal Fusion," Episode 10.

    There is significant interest among spine surgeons for a bone graft substitute that could be used during lumbar spine surgery to help facilitate fusion and thereby eliminate the need to harvest a patient's own bone. In this episode, Dr. Robert Johnson, a spine surgeon based in San Antonio, Texas, talks about his ongoing study using autologous adult stem cells to facilitate spinal fusion instead of using bone harvested from a patient's pelvis, which may create two potential problems: (1) graft site morbidity (complications may
    include bleeding, infection, and chronic pain at the donor site in the pelvis); and (2) failure to fuse. These are the two primary reasons that there is great interest in creating a bone graft mechanism for use in a spine fusion procedure instead of using a patient's own bone.

    The scientific literature is rife with studies about the therapeutic potential of autologous adult stem cells derived from a patient's own bone marrow. Until recently, it has been difficult to process and concentrate a clinically significantly dose of adult stem cells from a patient's own bone marrow at the point-of-care. Now, technology from Harvest Technologies ( is the world's first technique that produces clinically significant amounts of stem and precursor cells from a small aspirate of autologous bone marrow in just 15 minutes. Injected autologous adult stem cell concentrates from bone marrow have been shown in international clinical studies to be significantly effective in achieving tissue regeneration in
    orthopedic disease.

    Availability of this podcast begins today. To listen to this podcast, go to and click-on "Podcasts." After listening, podcatchers are invited to post their comments about this podcast at:

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