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Type 1 Diabetes promises

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    Type 1 Diabetes promises

    Edmund Tijerina: Non-controversial stem cells could bring big news for diabetics

    Web Posted: 03/22/2007 12:05 AM CDT

    News from the medical world:
    In the fight against Type 1 diabetes, the prospect of growing new insulin-producing cells looks promising, according to researcher Mark Furth of Wake Forest University.

    He's part of a team that's working on a project to create new cells in patients with that type of diabetes, and he came to town Tuesday to speak to donors and potential donors at a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation dinner.

    Specifically, he's working with stem cells — and he takes great pains to point out he's not working with embryonic stem cells, which are the subject of so much political and ethical debate.

    Ultimately, the research that he's a part of could lead to treatments that repair or replace damaged cells, or transplant new cells as part of a cure for diabetes. ...............

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